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Gala Bent

Gala Bent is a Professor of Design with a specialization in Illustration. Over the course of her career, Bent has worked as an illustrator and a collaborator with scientists and musicians, with a parallel practice in studio-based drawing and painting. She is a project-based illustrator whose recent work includes illustrations for a biochemistry book (A […]

Susan Boye

Susan Boye’s practice centers on drawing and exploring perceptions of time, space, and object. Originally from Denmark, Boye has worked professionally as a printmaker at Stone Press Editions in Seattle, where she collaborated with noted artists Jacob Lawrence and Dale Chihuly in processing and printing lithographic editions of their work. Boye has also worked as […]

Tiffany Laine De Mott

Tiffany Laine De Mott is a multimedia artist who approaches each project with an inquiry to the relationship between form and function. Her work has been featured in multiple galleries including the Paul Robeson Gallery, the Rhode Island School of Design Museum of Art, the Sol Coffer Gallery, and Smoke Farm. Her award-winning films have […]

Jacob Fleisher

I am a designer and educator using my several decades of industry experience to create realistic and challenging curriculum. I maintain a consultancy practice through which I engage in professional work throughout the year. Through my corporate and studio experience I have filled research, strategy, and design roles on software and hardware programs for Blink […]

Lorena Howard-Sheridan

Lorena is a Mexican-American graphic designer. She divides her time between teaching and her studio practice, running a small publishing company—Salted Caramel Books—that specializes in experimental and collaborative projects. Her background is in publishing and identity design, and she is always looking to expand her knowledge in Typography. Lorena loves the fact that she has […]

Kyle Leitch

Kyle Leitch is a visual designer and small business owner specializing in typography, print and book design, mapmaking, and graphic design. In addition to working as an independent designer, Kyle also co-owns Ruth Agency with his husband in Seattle, WA, where he helps small businesses and nonprofits realize their objectives through detailed, client-oriented graphic design […]

Natalia Ilyin

Natalia Ilyin is a design critic, teacher, and writer. Professor of Design, Design History, and Criticism at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, she has also taught at Rhode Island School of Design, Yale University, the Cooper Union, and the University of Washington. She is a founding faculty of the MFA in Graphic Design […]

Robynne Raye

Robynne Raye is a co-founder of the Seattle-based Modern Dog Design Co, an internationally acclaimed design and illustration studio that opened in 1987. Her client list includes Showtime, The New York Times, Coca-Cola, Nordstrom, HarperCollins, Warner Bros. Records, Hillary Clinton, and K2 Snowboards. Her posters have been exhibited internationally, and are collected in the archives […]

Junichi Tsuneoka

Junichi Tsuneoka has been doing very illustrative graphic design work nationally and internationally for the last 15 years. A partial client list includes: Nike, Adidas, Brooks, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo!, Publicis, Seattle Best Coffee, National Geographic, and many others.

Robert Baxter

Robert Baxter is an independent designer, publisher, and public academic—he specializes in typography, history, and pedagogy. The existential questions of contemporary design are of particular interest to him: Where do we come from? What are the philosophical and ethical underpinnings of our work? Why do we design? For what purpose and to what end? He […]