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Film Major

Learn the art of filmmaking — from initial concept, to script, to the editing booth. Experiment with language, sound design, and lighting. Collaborate with peers from across all disciplines at Cornish. Contribute your vision to Seattle's independent film scene.

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BFA in Film

What Will You Learn as a Film Major at Cornish?

Our program prepares you to be a writer and director. You’ll explore the art and craft of cinema as a creative leader in a supportive setting.

Graduate with a portfolio that shows your skill in narrative, documentary and experimental filmmaking.

Understand story, directing, cinematography, sound design, editing and collaboration with a broad range of artists.

See BFA Degree Requirements and Model Program
I learned how to analyze, understand, and execute all the working parts that contribute to producing a great film, while receiving guidance and critique from faculty with real world experience.Grace Reyer (FI ’16)

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Film Faculty + Administration

Design Majors | Film Major

Lyall Bush

Department Chair, Professor of Film
Film Major

Samar Abulhassan

Instructor of Film
Film Major

Craig Downing

Instructor of Film
Film Major
Cornish Faculty, Joe Guppy

Joe Guppy

Instructor of Film
Film Major
Cornish faculty, Charles Mudede

Charles Mudede

Instructor of Film
Film Major
Charles Poekel Headshot

Charles Poekel

Instructor of Film
Film Major
Cornish faculty, Charles Shaefer

Charles Scheaffer

Instructor of Film

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