Design can make the world better. Whether it’s as a graphic designer, game designer, user experience designer, illustrator, or animator, your work can make the complex understandable. Your work can create beauty, delve into ugliness, inspire people, calm, or confront them. You can create worlds, or help us all live in this one.


BFA in Design

What Will You Learn
as A Design Major at Cornish?

You’ll take core courses in design fundamentals. By the end of your first year, you’ll choose a degree program in design, game art, illustration, animation, or interaction design.

Depending on your degree path, you will learn in a project-based curriculum. Students will create brand identities, publications, logos, and 2D & 3D art for games, build worlds, construct user interfaces, develop apps and websites, and work in emerging media such as virtual reality/augmented reality (VR/AR).

You will develop skills in drawing, typography, packaging/product design, bookbinding, letterpress, and printmaking. You may also choose to minor in game art or experience design.

Cornish Design Blog Posts

Learn more from our faculty about Cornish Design and the community of designers and makers in our department (and beyond).


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Through Cornish’s Design program, I learned the importance of understanding design systems to strengthen my overall designs and projects.Kai Vano-Penaloza (DE '19)

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Through the support I had (and continue to have) from my professors, and the community created from my studio mates, I feel confident about starting to take my next steps into the design world.Meital Smith (DE ’21)

Student Work

Design Department

At Cornish, I learned not to be afraid of stepping out of my comfort zone.Elliot Mangels (DE ‘19)


My best experiences came directly from my professors, who were so skilled in their specific field they took on almost archetypal roles; there always seemed to be an expert around the corner, whether it be a printmaker, illustrator, or design historian.Kevin Bui (DE ‘18)

Design Faculty + Staff


Lyall Bush

Film & Media Chair
Professor of Film
Design Faculty

Lorena Howard-Sheridan

Faculty Chair, Design and First Year Visual Arts
alex barsky design faculty

Alex Barsky

Assistant Professor of Animation

Gala Bent

Professor of Illustration
susan boye faculty

Susan Boye


Tiffany Laine De Mott

Associate Professor of Design, Animation Lead
design faculty

Jacob Fleisher

Associate Professor of Design, UX Lead
natalia illyn faculty

Natalia Ilyin

Professor of Design and Design History and Criticism

Robynne Raye

Associate Professor of Design, Graphic Design Lead

Junichi Tsuneoka

Director of Foundations, Assistant Professor of Design, Illustration Lead
Robert Baxter Headshot

Robert Baxter

Instructor, Design History and Criticism

David DeTogni

Instructor, Animation

Ed Fotheringham

Instructor, Illustration
Headshot of Julie Grant

Julie Grant

Instructor, UX
David Lasky Headshot

David Lasky

Instructor, Illustration
terry faculty design

Terry Schenold

Assistant Professor of Game Art

Dan Shafer

Instructor, Graphic Design
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