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The Design Department guides students through the process of becoming a designer for tomorrow by introducing them to the skills and knowledge all designers need today. Students explore the different career paths of Graphic Design, Interaction Design, Experience Design (UX, AR, and VR), Illustration, Typography, Packaging Design, Design for Social Activism, Transition Design, and 2D/3D Animation.

Cornish Art Coffee packaging featuring a mermaid, designed by a student with sketches underneath

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Cornish designers use the most current digital tools to create 2D and 3D art for gaming, user interfaces for app development, web development, and VR/AR applications. The hand skills used in printmaking, drawing, posters, and designed objects are fundamental to our programs. We want our students to be as comfortable designing in the analog world as they are in the digital.

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Program Faculty + Administration


Gala Bent

Foundations Program Director + Studio Faculty

Jeff Brice

Department Chair

Sarah Lenoue

Department Coordinator

Tiffany De Mott

Associate Professor of Design | Narrative Systems + Animations Lead

Jake Fleisher

Associate Professor of Design

Lorena Howard-Sheridan

Associate Professor of Design

Natalia Ilyin

Professor of Design

Robynne Raye

Associate Professor of Design
Core staff

Tory Franklin

Print Lab Resource Technician

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Main Campus Center
Floor 3
(800) 726-ARTS