Performance Production

Technical theater students seeking to explore their unique artistry in production thrive at Cornish. Offerings from across the college will expand your ideas of what it means to specialize in production for live performances. Here you will be immersed in multiple areas of production before identifying a concentration in costumes, lighting, scenic or stage management. Come learn from working professionals in both classroom and real-life production settings.


BFA in Performance Production

What Will You Learn as a Performance Production Major at Cornish?

Learn what it takes to build a production from the idea to a reality. Collaborate with faculty mentors and fellow students across disciplines throughout the production process. Master your specific discipline and gain hands-on experience. Develop your communication and management skills. Blend historical and theoretical knowledge with new technologies.

Choose from our four concentrations:

  • Costume Design
  • Lighting Design
  • Scenic Design
  • Stage Management

Learn more about our BFA degree requirements and review our model programs/advising worksheets below in Explore Your Major.

Cornish Stories: Performance Production

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My education at Cornish gave me a wide range of experience that has proved invaluable in the professional theatre world … all the work I’ve gotten since graduating has been thanks to connections made while attending Cornish.Shelby Choo (PP ’16)


Explore Performance Production Concentrations


And, most importantly, I found my passion. I found the one thing in this world I was meant to do. The thing that energizes me, that forces me to keep a notebook next to my bed so I can write down the ideas that come all night instead of sleep.Kendra Lee (PP ’15), 2015 Commencement speaker

Student Work

Performance Production department



Watching us all grow and see the people we’ve become since that first day, I cannot feel more enthusiasm or pride in the whole of my body to see what we do in the world.Gabrielle Ray Strong (PP ’13)

Performance Production Faculty + Staff

Performance Production

L.B. Morse

Instructor of Lighting Design
Theater | Performance Production

Carl Bronsdon

Instructor of Costume Technology & Costume Shop Supervisor
Art | Performance Production | Theater

Rachel Brinn

Department Coordinator
Art, Theater, and Performance Production
Performance Production

Melanie Burgess

Area Head
Associate Professor of Costume Design
Performance Production

Matthew Smucker

Professor of Scenic Design
Performance Production

Bret Torbeck

Associate Professor of Stage Management
Performance Production

Jessica Christensen

Instructor of Scenic Painting | Paint & Stage Properties Supervisor
Performance Production

Matthew McCarren

Instructor Scenic Technology & Scene Shop Supervisor

Faculty Emeriti | Performance Production
Ron Erickson, Professor Emeritus | 1982-2015
Karen Gjelsteen, Professor Emerita | 1980 – 2013
John Kendall Wilson, Professor Emeritus, Performance Production | 1989 – 2019



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