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The Cornish College of the Arts Office of Finance helps to advance the College’s mission by ensuring the institution’s fiscal integrity. Finance staff develop and steward the budgeting, accounting, and reporting procedures and systems that support the College’s educational goals. On this page you will find our recent tax reporting forms (990s) and other related information and resources.

Cornish College of the Arts is a 4-year undergraduate educational institution designated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Forms 990

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How are tuition dollars spent?

Data from 5/31/19 Audited Financial Statements


Functional Expenses

Program Expenses

$20,210,182  (84%) 

Management + General

$3,380,811  (14%)

Fundraising + Development

$593,625  (2%)

Total $24,184,618








Operating Expenses by Function


$15,621,637  (65%) 

Institutional Support

$3,974,432  (16%)

Academic Support

$3,064,366  (13%)

Student Services

$694,452  (3%)

Auxiliary Services

$829,731  (3%)

Total $24,184,618




Operating Expenses by Category

Salaries, Wages, Benefits

$13,922,100  (58%) 

Services (including Housing + Meals)

$3,592,713  (15%)

Depreciation + Amortization

$1,758,514  (7%)

Other Operating Expenses

$1,577,892  (7%)

Scholarships + Grants

$1,377,618  (6%)


$1,014,951  (4%)


$582,809  (2%)

Materials + Supplies

$245,226  (1%)

Provision for Doubtful Accounts

$112,795  (0%)

Total $24,184,618










All CCA HEERF funds have been fully disbursed. No further HEERF funds are anticipated. Students experiencing financial need should contact the Financial Aid office to discuss other resources.

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, the Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations (CRRSAA) Act and the American Rescue Plan (ARP) Act funds the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF I/II/III) grants at Cornish College of the Arts and provides emergency financial assistance to eligible students who are experiencing hardship due to the coronavirus that could adversely affect their educational success.

Cornish College of the Arts’s CARES/CRRSAA/ARP Institutional Agreement and Assurance (PDF) states that it will use $316,407 in CARES, $316,407 in CRRSSA, and $806,541 in ARP funds to provide emergency financial aid grants to students.

Emergency Student Awards

Cumulative Information

Total CCA Award $316,407 $316,407 $806,541
Total Eligible Students 553 443 434
Total HEERF Awarded* $316,407 $316,407 $806,541
Total Students Receiving Monies* 518 400 434
Average Total Student Award* $611 $791 $1858

Quarterly Information

6/30/20 9/30/20 12/31/2020 3/31/21 6/30/21 9/30/21 12/31/21 3/31/22
Total HEERF Awarded to Students $316,407 $0 $0 $316,407 $0 $0 $406,625 $399,916
Total Students Receiving Funds 518 0 0 400 0 0 428 379
Average Total Student Award $611 $0 $0 $791 $0 $0 $950 $1,055

*as of 3/31/2022 – FINAL REPORT

Academic Year 2021/2022

The American Rescue Plan (ARP) Act makes emergency financial aid grants available to eligible students experiencing exceptional need. If approved for funding, students can apply grant monies towards their CCA cost of attendance and/or towards other emergency costs that have arisen as a result of the coronavirus.

Eligibility was determined by receiving a roster of active students from Registration Services, who were currently enrolled in Fall 2021. From this list, due to new guidance from the Department of Education, all students will qualify for HEERF III funds. Therefore, there was no need to remove DACA or international students.

Based on the current active student list, a review was completed to verify the list of students who submitted a 2021-22 FAFSA and qualified for federal financial aid, these students were eligible for the funding. From here, students were broken down into EFCs category, where students with the lowest EFC qualified for the largest funding. Cornish allocated half of their HEERF III funds for the Fall 2021 semester, the remaining half was disbursed to students actively enrolled in Spring 2022.

The breakdown is as follows: 0 EFC student received $1,500 in Fall and $1,500 in Spring, 1-5711 EFC received $1,250 in Fall and $1,250 in Spring, 5712 to 16,000 received $1,000 in Fall and $1,000 in Spring, and lastly 16,000+ EFC, received $655 in Fall and $851.10 in Spring, which was calculated by taking the remaining HEERF funds and equally dividing it between the remaining students. This methodology was determined to ensure the new criteria was met to give priority to our neediest students.

Students who submitted a WASFA will qualify for the same funds as students who submit a 2021-22 FAFSA. Please see the methodology above.

Institutional Reporting

Final Report




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