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Find your voice in the Cornish BFA Film program, where we'll give you the skills, portfolio, and connections you need to thrive as a visionary filmmaker. Led by Lyall Bush—well-known Seattle writer, editor, and producer—you’ll pursue both the art and business of filmmaking across a wide variety of platforms, so you’ll be ready for wherever your creative vision takes you.


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“At Cornish, I learned how to analyze, understand, and execute all the working parts that contribute to a great film, while receiving guidance from faculty with real world experience.”

Grace Reyer ’16

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Cornish in the News

Cornish College reduces tuition 20 percent


​Corinne Wheeler was on the bus commuting to the Cornish College of Arts when she opened her email and got the news: her tuition would be 20 percent cheaper next year.

“I was like, oh my god,” she said. “I was in shock. I sent a screenshot to my parents ... and they were freaking out about it.”

Cornish is now among an increasing number of private colleges and liberal arts schools that aren’t just freezing their tuition rates, but reducing them all together.