2021 Interior Architecture BFA Exhibition

Meet our 2021 Graduates

Emily Anderson

Instagram: @emilysa_2

I am an individual driven by the spark of adrenaline that comes with problem-solving. My aspirations for architecture lead me to see it as the ultimate tool for functional sculpture. I aim to use this tool to aid the continuum of architectural language; creating environments that are thoughtful and forward-thinking. I wish to not only design for humanity and to give a sense of place, but for all living organisms to promote and sustain a healthy ecosystem. It is a goal of mine to work with a set of peers from divergent backgrounds and specialties, so that we can come together to build stronger solutions. I love that the process of creating is a never ending source of education, and I see it as a lifelong driver of personal and societal evolution.

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Hannah Chebeleu

instagram @hannahchebeleu

Hannah Chebeleu views the world with an architectural lens. Their work is a reflection of where they have been. They are focused on creating objects and spaces that adapt to the changing world.  Hannah chose to study interior architecture at Cornish to practice communicating the connections they make with the world through spatial design. They are constantly challenging their perspective and connecting the past to the future.

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Jewels Romero

Instagram: @alienguul_jewels

As a creative person, I plan to grow and learn throughout my life. I am driven to educate myself in order to best contribute to my Latinx community in Nevada and elsewhere, as well as other communities in which I live and participate. I have been educated as an interior architect and I plan to continue to create projects that are architectural experiments as an artist. My intention is to design places that help foster communities; such as schools, libraries, parks, and recreation centers. What makes me the person I am is my family and my community as well as the accumulation of my life’s experiences. I have lived and flourished in spaces that both fostered and challenged my growth. The often neglected or underserved spaces of my childhood had me questioning design choices from a young age, and are the reason I long to be a contributor for further research and involvement in community-centered design. I want to be part of making this world a more thriving and inclusive place for all communities, through better and more thoughtful design.

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Ian Barr

Instagram: ian_barr_art

Ian Barr is an up-and-coming industrial designer and active visual artist.
Coming from a fine arts background, his work focuses heavily on narrative-driven aspects that bridge hand-drawn, illustrative techniques with modern-day industrial design solutions. Ian’s projects emphasize modularity, compactness, and efficiency in his design response to current-day problems. In addition, he experiments with other disciplines, such as graphite sketching, pen and ink illustration, and experimental music as means of expression. Ian will be pursuing his Master’s of Industrial Design at Arizona State University starting this April.

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Mikayla Vanida Chor 


Mikayla Vanida Chor is a third-generation Cambodian American designer who strongly values her culture and heritage. Growing up in an immigrant household and witnessing injustices done to the BIPOC community, it fueled Mikayla’s passion to advocate for social justice and to proactively explore solutions to shape a better society. It enabled her to understand systemic barriers and how she can further dismantle them through community-centric design and complex research to support underserved populations. Through an equity lens, she aspires to curate spaces that weave untold stories as a way to celebrate and honor the diverse interconnections of humanity. Mikayla’s vision is to push for inclusivity in designing interiors in the retail and hospitality industry.

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Emma Siple

Instagram: @floodedbubble

The act of making is a realization that the body, mind, and soul were never separate. 

Emma is a systems-minded artist and designer compelled by how stories are such a strong facet of human nature. She sees meaning in the details of how a story is told. Anything that has been designed inherently holds history and meaning. Human creation is interpretive. The built environment is a network of designed details attesting to the stories of individuals creating networks of community. In her work, she pursues holistic human-centered design solutions both physically and socially suited to their regional context. She believes there is as much to unlearn as there is to learn about the way we occupy and move through space.

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danaia michelle

instagram: @danaiamichelledesigns<

Danaia Michelle Brown is an aspiring interior designer driven to pursue complex projects that help foster growth in underrepresented communities. Her time at Cornish has provided the opportunity to create built environments that bridge the gap between cultural values and design. Each project is approached with the intent to create dignified spaces that advocate for the inclusivity of all humans regardless of socioeconomic status.

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Hannah Elias

Instagram: @checker.b0red

Hannah Elias is a multidisciplinary maker currently living in Seattle, WA. Their practice focuses on the intimate relationships people form with the objects, furniture, and spaces around them. Each piece is a manifestation of their obsession with minimalism, modularity, and materiality. Their designs are highly intentional and every detail is carefully considered with the end user in mind. By analyzing the relationship of the part to the whole, their work aims to invite people to be a part of something larger than themselves.

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