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Joshua Young

Joshua Young is a writer, playwright, and multimedia artist. He is the author of seven collections, most recently, Psalms for the Wreckage (Plays Inverse Press, 2017), the novella, Little Galaxies (Variant/Lines and Blood, forthcoming 2021), and the chapbook, Weekends of Sound: A 764-Hero Mixtape (Madhouse, forthcoming 2020). His poetry, prose, and video work have been […]

Rachel Brinn

Rachel Brinn is the department coordinator for the Art, Performance Production, and Theater departments at Cornish College of the Arts.

Chris Cook

Chris Cook joined Cornish College of the Arts in the summer of 2019 as Assistant Registrar & Academic Course Scheduler. Originally hailing from Milwaukee, WI, he migrated to Seattle in 2012 and has never felt more at home, despite missing the snow. Though his background is in programming, his passion has always been supporting artists; […]

Dan Mokris

Dan Mokrisigher is an information technologist and higher education professional. He has previously worked for the Office of Enrollment Management at Oklahoma State University in Oklahoma City. As a business systems analyst, Mokris works behind the scenes with various data and systems.

Christine Texeira

Christine Texeira has worked in non-profits and arts education for over ten years. She received her MFA in Fiction from the University of Notre Dame and is now studying Graphic Design. She has a wonderful dog called Italo.

Kaitlyn Vallance

Kaitlyn Vallance is currently a student success coach for performing arts students. They act as an administrative hearing officer for Title IX hearings and assigns sanctions in accordance with ATIXA recommendations and best practices. They also serve as chair for the Staff Council.