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Sharron Starling

Sharron Starling oversees and directs all aspects of the admission process for Cornish College of the Arts, which includes outreach, campus visits, application reviews, and enrollment. A dedicated admission professional with over thirty years of experience, Starling is a frequent presenter in the PNW, has served the region on the PNACAC Executive Board, and is […]

Colbe Schicatano

I am a multi-media visual artist and filmmaker living in Seattle. I love working with light and shadow and the play between live-action and animation.  

Albert Rubio

Albert Rubio is a recent transplant from San Francisco, where he spent the past 5 years honing his craft and working as an actor, director, and teaching artist. His current passion project is an in-process anthology titled, Stories From My Youth. This anthology chronicles the lives of LGBTQ+ individuals and allies affected by the AIDS […]

Tia Shekelle

Tia Shekelle is a multimedia artist focusing primarily on oil painting and textiles. Her practice explores intimacy, healing practices, and folk stories. Her thesis at Cornish was a love letter to her Indonesian heritage, created with the goal of reconciling fragmented identity as a multiracial person.  Since high school, Tia has been an active participant […]

Adam Tomás Torres

Adam Tomás Torres is a Seattle-based composer, performer, and movement artist whose work strives to communicate interconnectedness. Incorporating his fascination with harmony, indeterminacy, syncopation, and physical gesture, his work often defies the constraints of specialization. Implementing an interdisciplinary approach to both creation and curation, Torres embraces a collaborative practice and is uniquely suited for such […]

Andre Williams

Hey everyone! I am Andre Williams and I am originally from Chicago! I graduated from The University of Missouri – St. Louis in May 2020, but have worked in Higher Education Admissions since 2017. My passions are Musical Theater, Slam Poetry, Directing, Writing, Cooking, and Hosting. Throughout my undergrad program, I was also involved in […]

Randy Wood

Randy Wood has worked in the Office of Admission since 2005.