Tia Shekelle Admission

Admissions Counselor

Tia Shekelle



Tia Shekelle is a multimedia artist focusing primarily on oil painting and textiles. Her practice explores intimacy, healing practices, and folk stories. Her thesis at Cornish was a love letter to her Indonesian heritage, created with the goal of reconciling fragmented identity as a multiracial person. 

Since high school, Tia has been an active participant in local music scenes, volunteering and working with venues, labels, and festivals. She is a strong advocate for all ages arts spaces and accessibility. Throughout her time at Cornish, she worked with TeenTix, a local arts nonprofit that seeks to break down the barriers that prevent teens from accessing art in our community.

As part of her work in the Office of Admissions, Tia travels around the country reviewing portfolios and reaching out to students interested in art school.


BFA Art, Magna Cum Laude
Cornish College of the Arts