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Staff Council represents and advocates for the staff of Cornish College of the Arts in line with the mission and values of our community. We aim to foster a positive, productive, and healthy work environment for all Cornish Staff, supporting a culture of inclusion, transparency, collaboration, and recognition.

Staff Council directly advises the President of the College on staff perspectives, issues, concerns, and initiatives.

Staff Council Officers

Kaitlyn Vallance | Chair
Chris Cook | Vice Chair
Rachel Brinn | Budget Secretary
Christine Texeira | Secretary
Yanmei Shi | Communications Liaison
Jared Pecháček
Reed Rodgers
Andre Williams

Staff Council Members

Art | Performance Production | Theater

Rachel Brinn

Department Coordinator
Art, Theater, and Performance Production
Core staff
Cornish Staff or Faculty member

Chris Cook

Business Systems Analyst
Core staff
Cornish Staff or Faculty member

Kaitlyn Vallance

Assistant Dean of Student Affairs

Andre Williams

Admissions, Staff Council
Staff Council Gazette
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Staff Council

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