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Vote for CUT CRUSH DECAY: Nominated for 5 Categories in the 2024 Auggie Awards!

Seattle, WA – May 17, 2024 – We are thrilled to announce that our groundbreaking mixed-reality mural, CUT CRUSH DECAY, has been nominated for the prestigious Auggie Awards in five categories: Best Art or Film, Best Indie Creator, Best Location-Based Entertainment, Best Societal Impact, and Best Use of AI. Since 2010, the Auggie Awards have recognized the finest achievements in the augmented, virtual, and mixed reality sector worldwide, and we are honored to be in contention in their 15th year.


The nomination of CUT CRUSH DECAY in five categories highlights our commitment to pushing the boundaries of art through innovative technology. This project, a collaboration between the womxn-led tech non-profit Future Arts and Cornish College of the Arts, exemplifies the power of integrating arts education, motion capture, and organic technology to create immersive experiences.

About the Project

CUT CRUSH DECAY is a large-scale, interactive public art installation located on the Ivey on Boren building in South Lake Union. This project brings together elements of augmented reality (AR), AI-driven motion capture, and mycelium-based organic technology. The mural symbolizes the theme of “heliotropism” – plants reaching towards the light – and showcases collaborations between Cornish students, faculty, and international digital artists.

Kel Dylla, Executive Director of Cornish+, emphasizes the project’s significance: “Future Arts represents the kind of creative fuel we need in South Lake Union. They understand the importance of connecting working artists with our tech sector to come together through a shared belief that creativity is our most important renewable resource for civic health.”

Why Your Vote Matters

Your vote for CUT CRUSH DECAY in the Auggie Awards not only recognizes the hard work and innovation behind this project but also supports the broader vision of integrating technology, nature, and the arts to foster inclusive communities.

How to Vote

Support CUT CRUSH DECAY by voting at

Your participation is crucial in helping us achieve this esteemed recognition in the following categories:

  • Best Art or Film
  • Best Indie Creator
  • Best Location-Based Entertainment
  • Best Societal Impact
  • Best Use of AI

About Future Arts

Future Arts is a team of womxn dedicated to cultivating cross-pollination between technology, nature, and the arts to create more inclusive communities through immersive experiences that challenge known structures.

About Cornish+

Cornish+ is a new community school within Cornish College of the Arts, offering over 50 studio-based classes and fostering interdisciplinary community partnerships. Cornish+ represents a vibrant hub for creativity, emphasizing the importance of cross-sector collaborations in the arts.

About Cornish College of the Arts

Cornish College of the Arts is renowned for its interdisciplinary approach to arts education, integrating music, dance, theater, and visual arts to develop well-rounded artists who can collaborate across disciplines.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Justin Gonzales

Marketing Director

(Above photo by Winnie Westergard featuring Anna Czoski, Co-Founder, Future Arts, Yuliya Bruk, Co-Founder, Future Arts Kel Dylla, Executive Director, Cornish+ Laara Garcia, Co-Founder, Future Arts)

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