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Cornish College of the Arts Welcomes UArts Students with Automatic Acceptance and Housing Grants

The closure of the University of the Arts is not just the loss of an institution; it is a significant blow to the fabric of our society, which thrives on the creative and critical thinking fostered through the arts. The arts are vital to understanding and exploring the human condition. They teach us to think abstractly, to imagine possibilities beyond the ordinary, and to design solutions that are both innovative and humane. In a world increasingly focused on technology and efficiency, the arts remind us of the importance of creativity, empathy, and the relentless pursuit of meaning. At Cornish College of the Arts, we believe that the arts are essential to a thriving society and are committed to nurturing these values in all our students.

Cornish recognizes the profound impact of the sudden closure of the University of the Arts on its students. To support these students during this challenging time, Cornish is offering:

  • Automatic Acceptance: UArts students meeting our basic admission criteria for one of our 13 undergraduate degree pathways are guaranteed immediate acceptance for the Fall 2024 semester at Cornish College of the Arts.
  • Housing Grants: One full semester housing grant in the Cornish Commons. UArts students that showcase significant need may qualify for up to a year of housing.
  • Dedicated Support Team: Personalized assistance with the transfer process, including admissions support, academic advising, and transfer credit analysis.
  • Virtual Information Sessions: Immediate virtual sessions with the Cornish Admission Team to provide detailed information and answer questions from UArts students and their families.

Virtual Information Sessions

Friday, June 7th

Monday, June 10th

What to Expect:

  • Learn about our interdisciplinary approach to arts education.
  • Discover the 13 degree pathways offered at Cornish.
  • Understand the automatic acceptance process for UArts students.
  • Explore financial aid and housing options, including our housing grants.
  • Get answers to all your questions during our live Q&A session.

How to Join:

Please register for one of the sessions that best fits your schedule by clicking on the appropriate link above. We look forward to welcoming you and helping you make a smooth transition to Cornish College of the Arts.

Cornish and UArts share a common philosophy and approach in their dedication to interdisciplinary arts education. Both institutions encourage students to collaborate across disciplines, fostering a holistic artistic development. At Cornish, UArts students will find a community of visual and performing artists that value these same methodologies and ways of being, allowing them to continue their artistic journey in a familiar and supportive environment.

Cornish offers the following undergraduate degree pathways:

Bachelor of Fine Arts

  • Animation
  • Art
  • Design
  • Game Arts
  • Illustration
  • Interaction Design
  • Interior Architecture
  • Film
  • Acting & Original Works
  • Dance
  • Musical Theater
  • Performance Production

Bachelor of Music:

  • Music

We are committed to ensuring a smooth transition and providing a supportive, creative community of artists, citizens, and innovators. Join us and continue your artistic journey at one of the nation’s premier visual and performing arts colleges.

For more information, please contact our admissions team directly at or (206) 726-5016

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