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Jared Gill

Jared (Redd) Gill is a Los Angeles, now Seattle based studio musician signed to Fervor Records as a contract session player/writer  Redd’s list of credits includes Tracking and Transcribing guitars for Line 6 and their product; The Guitar Port which he has been doing since 2005. Highlights from the Line 6 sessions are […]

Kyle Morrow

Originally from Las Vegas, Kyle Morrow is a composer and instrumentalist of new music. His work ranges from traditionally notated scores to large multimedia works including visual art, dance, and music. Drawing inspiration from human nature, Morrow’s work highlights the subtlety in speech and breathing. Away from music, Kyle Morrow enjoys cooking, looking after his […]

Anya McCullough

Anya McCullough is a queer performing artist, musician and poet who loves nature, people, and pop culture. They are a classically trained vocalist, but the roots of their inspiration come from many styles. Anya grew up in Sultan, Washington, and currently resides in the greater Seattle area. Their primary instruments are voice and ukulele, but […]