Student Life

Student Interest Groups

Student Interest Groups (SIGs) provide opportunities outside the classroom for Cornish students to participate in educational, intellectual, interdisciplinary and cultural events and/or services to their members or the college. We encourage students at Cornish to join or form SIG to share mutual interests. If you are interested in helping to develop and participate in such groups, contact us.


Any current student can start a Student Interest Group!  Students have the opportunity to start a SIG twice each academic year at the beginning of each semester.

SIGs can be related to just about any topic or interest area, however, there are a few qualifications for all SIGs.

  • SIG membership must be open and available to all currently enrolled Cornish students.
  • SIG must not discriminate on any basis. This includes,but is not limited to, race, creed, color, national origin, sex, religion, sexual preference, marital status, physical or mental disability, age or veteran status.
  • SIG must not sponsor or conduct any activities that violate the Cornish conduct code, local/state/federal laws, or any event that would result in legal liability as to health and safety issues.

To start a SIG, students need to 

  • Identity for the group and its mission
  • Get the signatures of at least 6 other students who want to be a part of it
  • Create a budget proposal 
  • Find a faculty/staff member to act as the adviser for the group

Once granted, a SIG charter is valid for the remainder of the current school year.


SIGs are a great way to get involved and develop leadership skills.  To support Cornish students taking on these leadership roles and opportunities, the Office of Student Life provides many benefits to recognized SIGs.

  • SIGs and SIG leaders receive support and guidance from the CSLC Vice Chair and the Community Life & Engagement Coordinator
  • SIGs are able to raise funds 
  • SIGs can request funding from CSLC each semester
  • SIG events are advertised in the weekly Student Newsletter


Initially, SIG will be limited to a maximum of $200 per group, per semester. Requests for additional funds will be considered on a case-by-case basis only after the chartering application deadline has passed each semester.

No individual member of any SIG may personally profit from any activity affiliated with the SIG, use approved funds for any expenses unrelated to SIG needs or solicit funds for personal use from other SIG members.

Student Interest Groups

"Collective" Student Magazine

Makena Gadient :808-268-4523

The Cornish Magazine will provide opportunities for cross departmental collaboration between majors thru a school wide arts and literature magazine. You will help to contribute material for the magazine, design it, and distribute it.

Anti-Image Collective

Stefan Gonzales :720-630-4717

The Anti-Image Collective is for all students who identify as photographers.

Belter’s Anonymous

Anna Harris :801-869-0845

This SIG will provide an avenue for students interested in Musical-Theatre to perform. It will create challenging themes to push members and build their strengths, while letting students feel comfortable during self-expression.


Mitchell Gustin :949-257-3590

Compworks is a production presenting works of live music, movement/dance, theater, and conceptual art to explore composition and public art.

Cornish Curators

Makena Gadient :808-268-4523

This SIG organizes group and solo shows of student work and provide curatorial experiences.

Cornish Soccer Club

Evan Johnson :785-312-0007

All are welcome to enjoy soccer and exercise. There is a potential to add other sports as well!

Cornish Student Leadership Council

The mission of the CSLC is to serve as a voice and liaisons for the student body. To promote campus wide community by: providing a forum for discussion; communicating to the faculty and administration; implementing projects and events; and dispersing funds for student interests groups. Meetings: Every Friday from 12:10-1:00 in MCC 303

Delta Nu Sorority

AnnaClaire Laush

Delta Nu Sorority will provide a taste of Greek life to ALL students through mixers, volunteerism, fundraising, and spreading the Cornish message through the Seattle Arts community.

Feminism at Cornish

Charlie Cook :604-725-3473

This SIG encourages students to examine gender inequality and how to take strides in positive change.

Interior Architecture Group

Alexa Williams :425-628-8474

Interior Architecture Group will unite students with the common interest of interior architecture.

Making Stuff Instead of Breaking Stuff

Mica Gaxiola-Flynn :206-931-2725

This SIG is a group that works to create art for our zine to promote the use of art therapy

Mind, Body, Nature

Meranda Long :303-847-2959

Mind, Body, Nature provides a space to explore and practice yoga, meditation, hiking, and community!

Photography Society

Fritz Rodriguez :208-340-1702

We plan on working in conjunction with the Anti-Image Collective to create regular meetings so that all students can keep up with and learn the current photographic practices. We also hope to raise sales for SPE through prints sales.

Tabletop Adventurer’s Guild

Nina Bice :505-620-9862

This SIG will explore many tabletop gaming systems, such as story-telling and role play. This will also help students explore different genres and characters.

Tonic Rhythm

Hannah Tamkin :818-264-8289

Tonic Rhythm is an a cappella group that teaches musicianship and collaboration. We plan to attend competitions and events.

Understanding Multicultural

Irene Song :425-435-9831

Understanding Multicultural is here to help understand and experience the history, values, and lifestyles of group member’s cultures.