Student Interest Groups

Student Interest Groups (SIGs) provide opportunities outside the classroom for Cornish students to participate in educational, intellectual, interdisciplinary and cultural events and/or services to their members or the college. We encourage students at Cornish to join or form SIG to share mutual interests. If you are interested in helping to develop and participate in such groups, contact us.


Any current student can start a Student Interest Group!  Students have the opportunity to start a SIG twice each academic year at the beginning of each semester.

SIGs can be related to just about any topic or interest area, however, there are a few qualifications for all SIGs.

  • SIG membership must be open and available to all currently enrolled Cornish students.
  • SIG must not discriminate on any basis. This includes,but is not limited to, race, creed, color, national origin, sex, religion, sexual preference, marital status, physical or mental disability, age or veteran status.
  • SIG must not sponsor or conduct any activities that violate the Cornish conduct code, local/state/federal laws, or any event that would result in legal liability as to health and safety issues.

To start a SIG, students need to 

  • Identity for the group and its mission
  • Get the signatures of at least 6 other students who want to be a part of it
  • Create a budget proposal 
  • Find a faculty/staff member to act as the adviser for the group

Once granted, a SIG charter is valid for the remainder of the current school year.


SIGs are a great way to get involved and develop leadership skills.  To support Cornish students taking on these leadership roles and opportunities, the Office of Student Life provides many benefits to recognized SIGs.

  • SIGs and SIG leaders receive support and guidance from the CSLC Vice Chair and the Community Life & Engagement Coordinator
  • SIGs are able to raise funds 
  • SIGs can request funding from CSLC each semester
  • SIG events are advertised in the weekly Student Newsletter


Initially, SIG will be limited to a maximum of $200 per group, per semester. Requests for additional funds will be considered on a case-by-case basis only after the chartering application deadline has passed each semester.

No individual member of any SIG may personally profit from any activity affiliated with the SIG, use approved funds for any expenses unrelated to SIG needs or solicit funds for personal use from other SIG members.

Student Interest Groups

Belter’s Anonymous

Barrett Penrod

This SIG exists to give students a chance to express themselves through musical theatre songs.

Cornish Chamber Music Society

Alexander Hawker

Our purpose is to promote knowledge of and interest in the diverse world of chamber music, as well as to give musicians at Cornish College of the Arts opportunities to perform for their peers and

Cornish Curators

Dylan Tucker

Violetta Rulova

Cornish Curators exists as a way for students to learn about curation and professional gallery practice. Meetings are on Fridays from noon to one. Follow the Cornish Curators on Instagram at Advisor: Bob Campbell.

Cornish Dance Workshop

Martha Smith

Cornish Dance Workshop (CDW) is a Student Interest Group which offers any and all Cornish students a free, open dance workshop every Sunday. Once a month, the workshop will be instructed by a dance or musical theatre professional from the Seattle area. The remaining Sundays of the month will be led both by the leaders of CDW, and by members of the group who want to try their hand at choreographing. All levels of experience are welcome to attend. Our overall aim is to foster and enhance the Cornish community by connecting members of different majors through a mutual love of musical theatre dance.

Design Student Resource Group

Xavier Moore

Rachel Ivanoff

The Design Student Resource Groups seeks to provide a space for discussion and debate around design, as well as intercommunication among students of different grade levels. The group also provides opportunities for studio tours. Meetings take place on Tuesdays at 12pm on the 4th floor of the Main Campus Center.

POC Union

Amina Blyden

The POC Union seeks to create a safe space for people of color and allies on campus, as well as to create free communication between students of color and have the freedom to learn and discuss various topics of race. Meetings are every other Thursday at 7:30pm.

Poster Club

Dominic Gracyalny

The Poster Club is focused on creating a show around Robynne Raye’s poster class. Meetings are every Thursday from 12:30-1 in room 505 of MCC. At the meetings we will work on designing a show identity, a social media campaign, and contacting professionals to judge and attend. The show identity will include a poster design and booklet to advertise. Students can submit posters for the show and will be voted in depending on the space of the venue once secured.

Puget Sound

Hannah Tamkin

This SIG will offer any student the chance to audition for and perform with the group. We also offer the opportunity to help organize events, help run the shows, help with equipment, etc. We will perform several times throughout the year, as well as having several rehearsals a week. We plan to compete at the ICCA's and to perform at Disneyland this coming summer. We will teach and learn acapella music in a safe and friendly environment under the direction of two skilled musicians in their fields. Advisor: Katherine Strohmaier

Theatre of the Oppressed

Tanner Matthew

Nobel Peace Prize nominee, theatre director, and politician Augusto Boal created Theatre of the Oppressed(T.O.), a form of theatre used as a tool for social change. It is a form of community-based education used for therapy, conflict resolution, political and social activism, community building and government legislation all around the world. My first year at Cornish I have met a multitude of inspired individuals that are interested in social and political change. With this student interest group I intend to offer a community building experience while holding space for active dialogue on social and political issues that are relevant to students all while having fun. Meetings take place once a week after school at approximately 6:00 p.m. These meetings last two hours.


Nina Bice

The United States Institute for Theatre Technology connects performance arts design and technology communities to ensure a vibrant dialogue among practitioners, educators, and students. Meetings take place on the first, second, and third weeks of the month our meetings are in the cafe at 9:30am. On the fourth week our meeting is on Tuesday at 2:30. Connect with the national organization online at : Advisor: Pinky Estell.

Videogame Interest Group

Jordan Twaddle

VIG is geared towards creating and designing games, as well as discussing and critically evaluating them. Though we will play some games, it will largely be things we’ve personally made or demonstrations of other games features. We want to establish a serious game design presence in the school outside of any classes.. Meetings will take place once a week Thursdays at noon in MCC room 404.

Yoga and Wellness Group

Kylina (Kylie) Rench

Sakura Schlegel

The Yoga and Wellness Group's purpose is to practice yoga, meditate, drink tea, and relax. It will serve to reduce stress and promote wellness, physical and mental. Meetings are on Wednesdays from 1:00 p.m to 2:00 p.m every other week at places such as Denny Park.