Loans + Payment Plans

Investing in your education with additional Student Loans.

Payment Plans

Cornish provides flexible payment plans for families who wish to pay monthly throughout the academic year, rather than all at once at the beginning of each semester.  Contact the Office of Student Accounts to discuss options for a payment plan that is right for your family.

Federal Student Loans

Federal student loans offer low interest rates for those who wish to finance a portion of their tuition or housing costs.  After filing a FAFSA, admitted students will receive an award letter that outlines whether they have qualified for Federal Subsidized or Unsubsidized Stafford Loans.  Students can then talk with the Office of Financial Aid to discuss the terms and repayment options, should you choose to use these loans.  The Federal PLUS loan, a credit-based loan, is also available to parents or guardians of undergraduate students and can be used to cover any remaining balances up to the total cost of attendance.


Private Loans

Some families prefer to use private student loans instead.  Cornish will work with your lender of choice, should you choose to use a private loan.  We are happy to help walk you through important factors when considering a private loan, many of which will be unique to your individual situation.

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