Welcome to NellieCare!

Cornish students now have access to NellieCare, a TimelyMD program that provides 24/7 medical and mental telehealth care for all students at no cost per visit. Whether you’re feeling sick or overwhelmed, the program will connect you to a licensed provider for free from a smartphone or any web-enabled device. Medical providers can diagnose common conditions (e.g. cold, flu, sinus infection), and the TalkNow service gives students a safe space to talk about anything at any time (anxiety surrounding COVID-19, relationships, depression, among other topics). 


NellieCare provides students currently enrolled full time at Cornish with unlimited, no cost visits for medical and/or TalkNow on-demand mental health support. Your Student Success Coach can provide more information as needed. Click here to get started using NellieCare.

Who can use NellieCare?

Any enrolled, full-time Cornish College student.

What is the difference between NellieCare and One Medical?

NellieCare is your 24/7 medical and mental health portal. Use NellieCare to access providers, receive treatment and referrals, and track your health and wellness right from your cell phone or computer.

OneMedical is the platform the College us utilizing this fall for all students, faculty, and staff to assess any COVID-19 symptoms they may be experiencing. All members of the Cornish community are required to self screen via One Medical each day before coming to campus. The app will provide guidance about next steps post-screening, including referral to the OneMedical testing facility in South Lake Union, if deemed necessary.

All students should use One Medical for their daily self screening and NellieCare for all other physical and mental health care needs. Information about both platforms has been provided to students via the Student Life section on Compass.

For more, please read our detailed Health and Safety FAQ > 

What services are available?

There are four services available 24/7 to Cornish students:

  • Medical: on-demand access to a medical provider that can treat a wide range of common illnesses like cold and flu, sinus infection, allergies and more
  • TalkNow: on-demand access to a mental health professional to talk about anything at anytime
  • Scheduled Counseling: scheduled options to speak to a licensed counselor
  • Health Coaching: access to a nutritional specialist to help students adopt healthier lifestyle behaviors related to sleep issues, weight management and more

How can I access NellieCare?

To get started, go to to register for and access telehealth services.

Currently enrolled students can access telehealth services from any web-enabled device – smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. From there, you can register with your Cornish email address, and log in to begin using services.

At checkout, enter the coupon code provided to you by the Office of Student Life.

How much does a visit cost?

It’s free! There is no cost to full-time students.

Can NellieCare be used to diagnose COVID-19?

NellieCare will virtually assess symptoms and administer frontline care in a contained environment to limit the spread of illness. NellieCare providers will also give recommendations on need for testing vs. self-quarantine, and where to go if testing or further care is needed.