Cornish Staff or Faculty member

Associate Professor of Social Science, Faculty Chair

Justine Way

Justine Way is a field archaeologist and educator who teaches through the lens of material culture and the vast scale of human experience across time and place.  In addition to teaching in higher education, Justine enjoys works with K-12 students and the local community. Justine has conducted fieldwork in Jordan and Egypt, including a decade of excavation at the Giza pyramids.  Her scholarly interests include daily life in the ancient world, domestic architecture, settlement and urbanism, early farming, death practices, and identity in antiquity.  Justine has taught humanities and social sciences courses at the University of Chicago, Seattle Central College, and Cornish College of the Arts, including courses on archaeologies of inequality, death, landscape, the pre-contact Pacific Northwest, the hominin fossil record, Egypt and the Ancient Near East, along with surveys of anthropology and archaeological method and theory.


PHD, Near Eastern Art and Archaeology
University of Chicago

BA, Classics
University of Georgia