jesse myers piano

Instructor, Piano

Jesse Myers



Jesse Myers is an adventurous explorer of music that expands the possibilities of the piano. Always striving to push his performances into new realms, Myers frequently performs music for prepared piano, new music for piano and electronics, as well as traditional classical literature in nontraditional settings. His recent work has led to tours across the country including artist residencies and solo guest performances at universities, conservatories, and music festivals.

Jesse Myers has chosen the vocation of being a lifetime student of the piano and tireless teacher of its techniques and repertoire. He prides his pedagogy on the ability to be adaptive to the artistic inclination and individuality of the student. With students ranging from concert pianists to internationally touring pop artists, Myers strives to achieve high levels of artistic expression through whole-body awareness techniques, regardless of musical style.


MM, Piano Performance
University of Washington

BM, Piano Performance
Bowling Green State University