Technical Assistant – PONCHO (ST/FED)

Starting at 17.27 per hour


Job Description:


Provides organizational and administrative assistance including:

*Assisting the Technical Director for productions

*Various tasks related to lighting, sound, house/stage management, scenic construction, and installation

*Following plots and sound patches, rigging, working with projection

*Maintaining and repairing stage and equipment

*Helping to strike productions and events


Educational Benefits to be derived by Students in this job:


This position will allow students to gain first-hand experience in technical theater production, building and installation.


Minimum Qualifications:


Skilled in: Organization, interpersonal communication & time management, customer service, comfortable with heights. Must be able to life 50+lbs and have experience with theater lighting equipment, practices and some building skills including power tool competency.


To apply, please submit a resume/CV and cover letter to Joe Oakes (

To apply for this job email your details to