Illustration Instructor – Part-Time

Design Department

The Design Department at Cornish College of the Arts is looking for a part time instructor with a background in Illustration, to teach an introductory elective course for students in the Visual Arts Foundations Program (Art, Design, Illustration, Interior Architecture, Film and Game Arts). Intro to Illustration is a 15-week introductory overview of drawn image-making and experimentation, the creation of narrative and non-narrative work, drawn lettering, and an introduction to historical and contemporary illustrators and artists from many cultural contexts. Students will engage in an introductory exploration of the illustration discipline in both analog and digital materials.

The College offers majors in the performing arts (Theater, Dance, Music, Performance Production) as well as the visual arts (Animation, Art, Design, Film, Game Art, Interaction Design, Illustration, Interior Architecture). This is a part-time, on-campus, instructor position.

The mission of Cornish is to provide students aspiring to become practicing artists with an educational program of the highest possible quality, in an environment that nurtures creativity and intellectual curiosity, while preparing them to contribute to society as artists, citizens, and innovators. Cornish realizes this mission by offering baccalaureate studies in the performing and visual arts and by serving as a focal point in the community for public presentation, artistic criticism, participation and discussion of the arts.

Cornish College of the Arts is a small arts college in downtown Seattle, where students are encouraged to maintain curiosity and an experimental approach to their practices. We pride ourselves for the dynamism of our community, and for our ongoing, continuous effort to create an inclusive place where diversity and equality can thrive. Our programs provide depth and breadth of training, freedom to experiment, and the space to develop a unique creative identity. Students develop healthy and sustainable practices necessary for working artists. Join this dynamic team and be a part of the growth and development of our talented students.

Minimum Requirements

  • Illustration portfolios and/or demonstrable professional experience in the field
  • Understanding of printing and digital production methods (either Adobe Suite or Procreate or both)
  • Preference will be given to candidates with teaching experience
  • Ability to teach students with a variety of backgrounds and skill levels

Preferred Qualifications

  • Minimum BFA in relevant field (Design) preferred. MFA preferred.
  • Three years+ experience teaching college
  • Familiarity with varieties of character animation
  • Demonstrated practice in the field

Class Instruction: 3.00 credit classes: $119.16 hr./$5,362.20 (semester, 15 weeks) / paid over 4 months = $1,340.55 per month.

Fall semester begins September 5, 2023 for a total of 15 weeks, with the last day of classes on Friday, December 15 , 2023.

Application Procedures
Please send the following application materials to

  1. Cover letter detailing your interest in the position, your background, and an overview of your teaching philosophy
  2. CV/Resume that includes a link to a personal website with samples of your work
  3. Cornish Employment Application Form

Equal Opportunity Statement

We believe that diversity refers to a number of human qualities and characteristics. National origin, race, gender, age, socioeconomic background, religion, sexual orientation and disabilities are characteristics that combine in unique ways, forming the multiple identities we all hold. Those diverse characteristics contribute positively to the environment of Cornish and to an education that accurately reflects and contributes to the complex interplay of art, culture and society.

We hold ourselves responsible to fulfill the mission of Cornish by preparing students “to contribute to society as artists, citizens, and innovators,” and believe that the mission is best served by actively cultivating a positive environment in which to explore and express the diverse perspectives of a pluralistic society.

Cornish College of the Arts operates under a Collective Bargaining Agreement negotiated with the Cornish Federation of Teachers (CFT). All faculty compensation placement abides by the salary scale negotiated with the CFT. Faculty participate in College governance via the Faculty Senate.

To apply for this job email your details to