Human Resources

Our mission as the Office of Human Resources is to support and develop unique individuals and cohesive teams as they strive to reach their full potential as participants in and creators of the Cornish community.

If you have questions about your benefit elections, recruitment, or other HR topics, please feel free to contact the Office of Human Resources: 206.726.5082 or

Jobs at Cornish

Cornish College of the Arts is an equal opportunity employer intent on enriching the diversity of its faculty, staff, and students.

Our goal is to create an intercultural learning environment comprised of people with varied experiences and perspectives. We strongly encourage applications from members of underrepresented groups for all open positions.

Employer-Paid Benefits

Health, Dental, & Life Insurance

Cornish offers a strongly competitive benefits package, including fully covered employee premiums for all of your medical, dental, life insurance equal to your annual salary, AD&D, and long-term disability. Our medical plans offer a variety of options, including an FSA option, HDHP+, PPO & HMO plans. In addition to our standard coverage, we also offer voluntary benefits such as additional life insurance & short term disability at a premium to the employee.

Cornish offers 403(b) retirement savings plans in which you are eligible to participate as of your first day of employment. Cornish also offers an employer contribution to eligible employees after one year of service and meeting minimum requirements.

Medical/Vision Carrier - Kaiser Permanente

Policy Period: October 1st – September 31st.

Employees may select from three Kaiser plans:


Option 1 is our base plan. It is a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) network which provides care through Kaiser’s network of physicians and hospitals. HMOs emphasize prevention and early detection of illness.


Option 2 is our premium plan. It has a low deductible of $350, and is a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) network. This plan uses extensive First Choice network of physicians and hospitals.


Option 3 is our HDHP plan. It which has a $1,350 deductible, and uses the First Choice network of physicians and hospitals, and allows the employee to open a Health Savings Account (HSA) to which Cornish contributes $100 per month.

Delta Dental

Policy Period: October 1st – September 31st.

Our provider is Delta Dental of Washington.  They offer a preferred network of dentists for maximum coverage.

Flexible Spending Plans

Benefit Administration Company, LLC

Policy Period: October 1st – September 31st.


The advantage of participating in a Flexible Spending Plan is to lower your overall taxable income, thereby increasing your net take-home pay.

Health Care Expense Reimbursement Plan
You may elect to set aside dollars on a pre-tax basis to fund qualified medical expenses that may (i.e. visit and service co-payments, coinsurance payments, etc) or may not (i.e. orthodontia, chiropractic services, therapy visits, etc.) be covered under Kaiser Permanente’s medical plans.   The Health Care plan year election maximum is $2,650 per IRS guidelines for the year 2018.

Health Care Expense Reimbursement Fill-In Form 

Dependent Care Expense Reimbursement Plan
You may elect to set aside money on a pre-tax basis for dependent care expenses (i.e. daycare or eldercare). If you elect to set money aside in the account, your eligibility for a Dependent Care Tax Credit on your tax return will be affected.  Please consult with your tax advisor or accountant for details.  The Dependent Care annual election maximum is $5,000 per calendar year per IRS guidelines for the year 2018.

Dependent Care Expense Reimbursement Claim Form


What if the plan year ends and I haven’t used all the money I have contributed?

In the past, whatever funds had not been used, were forfeited. However, IRS rules have changed, and Cornish has elected to allow a 2.5 month extension of the plan year for the Health Care Expense Reimbursement Plan.  This means that if you have not used all the money in your account, you have an additional 2.5 months after the plan year ends during which to incur and be reimbursed for eligible expenses under the plan.

How late can I submit a request for reimbursement from Benefit Administration Company?
You have 90 days after the end of the plan year to submit a reimbursement request of expenses that were incurred during the plan year.

Can I move money from my Health Care Account to my Dependent Care Account?
No.  Money cannot be transferred between accounts.  Dollars designated for health care can be spent for health care only, and dollars set aside for dependent care can be spent only on dependent care.

When can I change the amount of money I am putting towards my Health Care Account?
After making a salary-reduction election (pre-tax premiums) at the beginning of the Plan Year, no changes may be made unless there is a qualifying change in family status, as defined by the IRS. Examples include:  Marriage, divorce, and birth of a child.

When can I change the amount of money I am putting towards my Dependent Care Account?
You may be allowed to change the amount of money you defer to the Dependent Care Account if your daycare expenses change or cease.

What expenses are not eligible for reimbursement?
Dependent Care:  Expenses that are not reimbursable include overnight camp, diapers, late payment charges, and care provided while you and your spouse are not working.
Health Care:  Examples of expenses that are not eligible for reimbursement include insurance premiums, most cosmetic procedures, and vitamins.

How do I submit for reimbursement?
Health Care Reimbursement Claim Forms may be obtained by clicking Health Care Expense Reimbursement Fill-In Form here and following the instructions on the form.

Dependent Care Reimbursement Claim Forms may be obtained by clicking Dependent Care Expense Reimbursement Claim Form here and following the instructions on the form.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Cornish offers an Employee Assistance Program to our employees and their eligible dependents through Mutual of Omaha. They offer professional, confidential, and quality assistance by master’s level professionals available 24/7 with the prevention, early intervention, and resolution of problems that may impact job performance.

This program also includes a limited number of face-to-face assessment & counseling sessions, during which you can entrust your EAP professional to handle your concerns in a confidential, respectful manner. Their goal is to collaborate with you and find solutions that are responsive to your needs. 

All services are offered at no cost to the employee. However, if a referral to an outside vendor is accepted, the employee may be responsible for the costs of those services.

All calls and counseling services are completely confidential. Telephone and online access to the EAP services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Simply call their toll-free number at (800) 316-2796 or go to their website

Life Insurance

Our provider is Mutual of Omaha. Coverage volume is equal to 1 times your annual earnings rounded up to the nearest thousand, up to $250,000.

Disability Insurance

Premiums & Eligibility

Cornish covers 100% of premiums. Permanent administrative staff working 30 hours per week or more & faculty working at a minimum of 75% full-time equivalency (FTE) are eligible for long term disability insurance. Coverage begins on the first day of the month following 60 days of eligible employment. 

Group Long Term Disability

The monthly benefit pay is 60% of your pre-tax monthly earnings up to $10,000. Additionally, our LTD insurance offers Vocational Rehabilitation benefits, COBRA Premium Reimbursement, and Survivor benefits.

Education Benefits

Employee Tuition Discount Program

Regular full-time staff may take up to two classes per semester (a maximum of six credits) free of tuition when space is available. This is also the maximum number of credits allowed per semester for full-time employees.

Regular part-time (20 hours per week or more) and academic-year staff (those working nine months of the year) may take one class (a maximum of three credits) per semester free of tuition when space is available.

Tuition Exchange Program

Cornish participates in the Tuition Exchange Program, which is a reciprocal scholarship program for dependent children of faculty and staff employed at over 600 participating institutions. To be eligible, an employee must be currently employed by Cornish College of the Arts as a full-time faculty or staff member and have completed three years of full-time service as of September 1st of the current academic year or a Retiree (over 65) who has spent 15 years or more as a full-time employee at Cornish.

Tuition Discount for Employees’ Dependents

After completing one year of employment, Cornish offers tuition discounts for employees’ dependent children under age 25 who are unmarried and are claimed or eligible to be claimed on the employee’s IRS form 1040 (IRS dependency rules). Proof of IRS dependency via the previous year’s tax return is required at matriculation. The dependent will be considered a dependent up to six years from the initial date of matriculation. This discount is also available to retirees (over 65) who have spent 15 years or more as a full-time employee at Cornish.

Cornish College of the Arts offers eligible dependents of faculty and staff Summer at Cornish non-credit classes at a discount based on length of service and full-time equivalency. This tuition discount is only offered once the course has met its minimum enrollment.


Paid Leave Benefits


Cornish has a generous Paid Time Off policy for all regular full-time and part-time non-academic year staff working at least 20 hours per week.  Annual leave may be used for vacation time or sick leave.

All regular full and part-time staff receive 11 paid holidays, plus floating holidays.

Cornish’s campus is closed Christmas Eve through New Year’s Day, and is paid for benefit’s eligible staff.


Professional Leave

Core and Ranked Adjunct Faculty are eligible for five days of paid professional leave per semester (prorated for a less-than-full-time appointment). Leave must be approved by the Department Chair no later than three weeks prior to the leave and approved by the Provost no later than two weeks prior to the leave.

When five days of professional leave has been exhausted, pay for the hours in excess of five days will be deducted at the faculty member’s equivalent hourly rate of pay. Please use the Professional Leave Form.

Sick Leave
All faculty at FTE of 50% or greater receive a pro-rata of paid sick leave hours equal to their departmental full-time teaching load. Core faculty may accumulate up to a total of twelve weeks of sick leave hours.

When the sick leave balance is exhausted, pay for the contact hours missed in excess will be deducted at the faculty member’s equivalent hourly rate of pay. Please use the Sick, Bereavement, and Unpaid Leave Form.

Bereavement Leave
All faculty are eligible for up to five days of paid bereavement leave in the event of the death of an immediate family member, including that of a domestic partner (parent, spouse, domestic partner, child, mother- or father-in-law, grandparents, grandchildren, sibling, step-parents, sisters- and brothers-in-law). Please use the Sick, Bereavement, and Unpaid Leave Form.

Absence Due to Cornish Business
All faculty who are absent from a class while away on college-sanctioned business will be paid for their class. Please use the Leave Form for Faculty on Cornish Business.

Employee-Paid Benefits

Voluntary Term Life Insurance

Supplemental life Insurance up to five times the employee’s salary (subject to Evidence of Insurability) is available at a premium to the employee. 

Short Term Disability (STD)

Short term disability is a voluntary benefit; Premiums are paid in full by the employee. The weekly benefit pay is 60% of your pre-tax weekly earnings up to $1,500. Additionally, our STD insurance offers Vocational Rehabilitation benefits and Survivor benefits.

ORCA Bus Pass

Cornish participates in the ORCA Business Passport Program, which offers unlimited public transit on most transportation networks. This voluntary benefit is paid for by pre-tax wage deduction at a low cost and is available to all employees.

Retirement Plans

403(b) Retirement Plan

Cornish offers 403(b) tax deferred retirement plans through TIAA-CREF, and employees can make elective contributions. Cornish offers an employer contribution after fulfilling a waiting period of 1 year having worked a minimum of 600 hours. Regardless of the employee’s contribution amount, if any, Cornish will make regular contributions. All plan funds are immediately vested.

457(b) “Top Hat” Retirement Plan

Cornish offers a 457(b) tax deferred retirement plan through TIAA-CREF, to which qualified employees can make elective contributions. All plan funds are immediately vested.