Concept Photography

Class Description

Conceptual Photography:  How to make great photos- not just “take” them.

Engaging, powerful photographs are not about good cameras and a lot of technical know-how.  They come to life through ideas, perspective, voice, and memory.  In this class, we will use any camera you have on hand to explore the conceptual side of photography.

We’ll be looking at the works of contemporary photographers as discussion points and prompts and students will venture out to make their own images.  Some of the artists we will look at include storytelling masters, Latoya Ruby Frazier and Gregory Crewdson, visionary Uta Barth, indigenous culture symbolist Luis Gonzales Palma, and those who defy categorization like Juanan Requena and the Starn Twins.

As our handheld technologies allow us to always have a camera on hand, everyone is now a photographer. Take the next step in your personal photography hobby and learn how to make great photos, not just “take” them.

While this intensive may be taken independently, it is an elective that is designed to work in conjunction with our Art and Design Pre-College Foundations program. Please see that description or email if you have any questions.

Due to the current health and safety restrictions, our Summer at Cornish intensives will are being held remotely. Through a mix of synchronous and asynchronous learning, students will perform and create with our Cornish instructors. Our intensives find the best balance to keep our students developing their skills by using a varied learning format that helps students create, design and perform!

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