Beautiful Beast
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Beautiful Beast is a collaborative group exhibition of work by junior art students from Cornish College of the Arts, as part of the course AR324: Platforms of Exchange. Through individual and group research, the artists identified thematic connections and overlap while developing their individual  voices with a collaborative spirit through painting, sculpture, and installation.  This show is the result of a semester of planning, discussion and work that necessitated the artists to balance their own curiosities and experimentations with those of their peers, while addressing the complex expectations of exhibiting in the public realm. This collection of work addresses a range of themes that are distinct, yet share common concerns, creating a narrative that explores ideas of beauty, fear, community, and isolation.
Featuring work by: Caitlin Chimelis, Candy Cortez, Elizabeth DuLac, Kelsey McMonagle, Sabrina Peterson, Zoe Potter, Anakin Saephanh, Victoria Sharp, Seher Taj
Image Credit: Detail from Candy Cortez's installation "The Ugliness of Humanity", 2024,  insulating foam, acrylic, glass paint, hair.