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Our Design program is founded on a simple idea: Design can make the world better. Whether you become an Illustrator or Animator, a Graphic Designer or Game Art Designer, an Experience Designer or Interaction Designer, your work can make the complex understandable—it can create beauty, delve into ugliness, inspire people, calm or confront them. Your work can create worlds, or help us all live in this one. Design can make the world better—for everyone.

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By the end of your second year, you’ll decide which BFA degree you’ll go for: a BFA in Design, a BFA in Game ArtBFA in Illustration, a BFA in Animation, a BFA in Game Art, and a A BFA in Interaction Design. You can also add a Minor in Game Art or a Minor in Experience Design. Depending on your degree path, you may design logos, zines, or posters, create 2D and 3D art for games, user interfaces for app development, websites, and VR/AR. But you’ll also have a chance to develop your skills in drawing, lettering, type design, bookbinding, letterpress, screen printing and lithography.

Learn more about our BFA degree requirements and review our model programs/advising worksheets below in Explore Your Major.

Through Cornish’s Design program, I learned the importance of understanding design systems to strengthen my overall designs and projects.Kai Vano-Penaloza (DE '19)


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We have learned to hold ourselves accountable to a higher standard of work than we ever thought possible.Emiliesa Lorraine Horwitz (’15)
At Cornish, I learned not to be afraid of stepping out of my comfort zone.Elliot Mangels (DE ‘19)


A fantastic network of teachers and alumni you won’t get anywhere else.Liz Holland (DE ‘16)

Program Faculty + Administration

Design Majors | Film Major

Lyall Bush

Department Chair, Professor of Film
Design Majors

Natalia Ilyin

Director of Design, Professor of Design History and Criticism
Design Majors

Gala Bent

Professor of Illustration
Design Majors

Susan Boye

Professor of Illustration
Design Majors

Tiffany Laine De Mott

Associate Professor of Design, Animation Lead
Design Majors

Jake Fleisher

Associate Professor of Design, UX Lead
Design Majors

Lorena Howard-Sheridan

Associate Professor of Design, Type Lead
Design Majors

Robynne Raye

Associate Professor of Design, Graphic Design Lead
Design Majors

Junichi Tsuneoka

Director of Foundations, Assistant Professor of Design, Illustration Lead
Design Majors
Robert Baxter Headshot

Robert Baxter

Instructor, Design History and Criticism
Design Majors

David DeTogni

Instructor, Animation
Design Majors

Ed Fotheringham

Instructor, Illustration
Design Majors
Headshot of Julie Grant

Julie Grant

Instructor, UX
Design Majors
David Lasky Headshot

David Lasky

Instructor, Illustration
Design Majors

Dan Shafer

Instructor, Graphic Design
Core staff

Betzalel Massarano

3D Fabrication Resource Lab Technician
Core staff

Bradley Taylor

Printmaking Studio Technician

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