Submit Your Audition

Audition Requirements for Music Majors

As part of the application process, music applicants submit an online audition. Three different musical selections are required and may be uploaded in either audio or video format using our Portfolio Tool.

Music Students Performing

Music Major Audition Guidelines

Prepare three (3) selections. The length of each piece should be somewhere between 2 to 12 minutes. These selections should represent the fullest sense of who you are as a musician. Your audition may be drawn from any of the following:

  • Performances that demonstrate your primary instrument or voice type in a classical, jazz, contemporary, or world music setting; solo, with accompaniment, or featuring you in an ensemble.
  • An improvisation in any style over an existing form/tune or “free.”
  • Original compositions in any genre with accompanying scores or notation if applicable.
  • Multimedia works or collaborations.

File Sizes and Naming Conventions

  • Compress your files to be smaller than 4GB, if possible, for fastest uploading.
  • Separate selections into individual tracks, as opposed to uploading one large file.
  • Naming convention: last name_title

Recording Quality

Check the quality of both audio and video files before you upload. Is the piano accompanist too loud? Is there crowd noise that is interfering? Does the microphone accurately represent your live sound? If you are submitting a video, is what we are seeing the best way for us to interact with your music?

Audio Processing

If you have used audio processing in any part of your recording, please explain in the description area of each track what was used such as editing, reverb, digital delay, overdubbing, etc. We don’t mind you using these techniques, we’d just like you to identify them so we know what to listen for.