Dance Auditions

<h2>Audition Guidelines and Requirements for Dance Majors</h2>
All auditions will be reviewed via video recording for the 2021 application cycle. Please use the directions below and load the audition recording directly to your <a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Application for Admission </a>when you are ready.

For questions or concerns, email <a class=”ProsemirrorEditor-link” href=””></a>

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  • Prepare and submit a solo (three to four minutes in duration) in a contemporary dance form of your choice that allows you to demonstrate your skill in the form.
  • Dancers should submit two minutes of improvisation on the theme of “contrasts.” Applicants can address this in any style of their choosing. Music is optional.
  • If dancers have examples of their choreographic work, they are invited to upload a sample no longer than 5 minutes in duration.
  • The video should be framed so we can see your entire body. Wear clothing that is appropriate to the dance genre or styles you are choosing to perform.

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