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Julia Smith

Born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky Julia has spent the last four years in Seattle getting her BFA in acting from Cornish. Some of the shows Julia has completed while at Cornish include Men on Boats directed by Bobbin Ramsey,  As You Like It directed by Corey McDaniel and James and the Giant Peach directed […]

Cassidy Mitchell

Cassidy is a young theatre artist (actor, playwright, director) from Colorado and Wisconsin. She’s interested in expanding into Voice Over work, and Seattle Theatre Original Works. Cassidy’s excited by connection; values vulnerability in her work; and seeks to make the artists around her more aware of their value, potential, and worthiness.   

Leah Schiman

Leah Schiman is an actor, writer, director, and collaborative artist. Originally from Milwaukee, Wi, Leah relocated to Seattle to obtain their bachelors degree in theater with a concentration in Original Works. They are excited to be moving back to the midwest to start a career in Chicago, IL in the coming months.

Bella Orobaton

Bella Orobaton is a writer, actor, and visual artist currently based in Seattle. She spent the majority of her formative years oversees and moved to the US just in time to start high school; her work is impacted by those experiences, and figuring out what it really means to be black in the US.  She […]

Casey Hartman

From day one, I was a child who never wanted to stop playing pretend, and that remains at the core of my acting: the concept of taking a story into your life in order to build upon your own. I am inspired by Shakespeare and his capturing of themes so human they remain relevant hundreds […]

William Johnson

William Douglas Johnson (He/him or They/Them) is an actor, singer, musician, marketer, and Performer. William has a very strong passion for new theatre especially New Musical Theatre. Previously been seen in Public Works As You Like It (Seattle Repertory), “A Beautiful Day…” as #/Fred, in Lift as Busker, in the ensemble of Jesus Christ Superstar, […]

Hannah Schul

Hannah was raised in rural Maryland, with a gay music teacher for a mom and an IT guy-slash-naval reservist for a dad. That recipe led to an early love for the arts and deep-rooted desperation to explore. Hannah has lived on three continents and has been a volunteer, a drum captain, a music teacher, and […]

Samantha Vale

Samantha Vale is a graduate of Cornish’s Theater Department, class of 2017, with an emphasis in Original Works. She started out in Musical Theater, and through her time at Cornish found a passion for generating new work through writing and directing. With the help of the extraordinary faculty and staff, Samantha was able to find […]