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Kai Vano-Penaloza

Kai is a designer that migrated here from California to escape the heat and find better job opportunities. They have found a love for the diverse ecology of people and wildlife in the Pacific North West. From the tulips in the spring, berries in the summer, and even the grey skies. Washington is now their […]

Madeline Barker

Hello, my name is Madeline Barker. I grew on the south end of Whidbey Island, amongst a very artsy community. My mom taught small art classes (among many other jobs) out of our renovated barn studio. I remember splatter painting the floors of that old bard because “They’re going to get paint on them anyway” […]

Lia Barry

I’m a New York native who earned an A.A.S. in Visual Communications from the State University of NY (OCCC) and have been grateful to continue such studies for my B.F.A. at Cornish. Throughout this process I’ve learned to transform my fine art skills into visual design skills with a newly found passion for UX research […]