Dance Auditions

For your audition you will participate in a two-hour dance class, beginning with warm-up exercises at the barre, moving into the center, before sequences across the floor, a small amount of improvisation, and some phrase work to finish.  The class will draw on a range of contemporary and traditional concert dance techniques.

You will be observed and evaluated by a member of the Dance Faculty on the basis of previous technical training, alignment, core support, expressive phrasing, and individual artistic potential.

Dance students move in unison in sitting position while being directed by an instructor

Check out Admission’s Cornish Near You page for dates + details on Dance auditions.

Note on what to wear:
  • You should wear form fitting dance clothes and supportive undergarments
    Be prepared to dance barefoot, in socks, and in ballet shoes.

Online Auditions

The Dance department strongly encourages you to make every effort to audition in person. If distance prevents you from auditioning in person, you may load a recorded audition with your online application.

Video Requirements

Your audition material should be 10–20 minutes long (5-10 minutes each for both ballet and modern). It should demonstrate your technical level and ability in both genres.

The video should be framed so we can see your entire body.

Barre Exercises

Please perform several barre exercises (plies, tendus, ronds de jambes, développés, grand battements) and center floor combinations including adagio, pirouette, petit allegro and grand allegro. If possible, the camera should be focused on the side of the body during the barre in order to record alignment.

Modern Warm-Up

Perform typical modern warm-up exercises demonstrating use of the spine; at least some of these exercises should be performed in a standing position.

Floor Combinations

Include center and across the floor combinations that demonstrate use of space.


If you have choreographic experience, you are invited to include samples of your choreography in addition to the ballet and modern exercises.

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