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Cornish Student Brands Uptown

When the Uptown Arts & Culture Coalition (UACC) went looking for their brand, they turned to Cornish College of the Arts’ Design Department for help. More than a half dozen students submitted designs and Seattle Sims’ work was selected to brand UACC

by Rosemary Jones

The Uptown Arts & Culture Coalition (UACC) wanted a design and logo as part of its branding effort to create community cohesion and establish the Seattle neighborhood known as Uptown as an internationally recognized arts and culture center.

Working in partnership with Cornish College of the Arts’ Design Department, the coalition members took part of a 9‐month workshop to establish what they needed for their brand. The workshop was so successful that the final committee selection came down to a three-way tie among the half dozen designs submitted by Cornish students. So UACC opened up the selection to an online vote and the work of the appropriately named Seattle Sims was selected.

“The arts have always played a vital role in bringing together Uptown’s diverse and eclectic Community. The community‐wide effort to select the new logo embodies how art and design can unify,” said Cyrus Despres, Uptown Arts & Culture Coalition Board president. “We would like to thank all of the artists, community members, and local businesses who participated in this wonderfully in‐depth process to unite our district and further our vision for the creative future of Uptown.”

Sims drew inspiration from brush strokes and piano keys, with each line representing creativity, community, humanity combined together in harmony. The logo also will be paired with a custom typeface. Over the next few months, Sims will work with UACC design consultant, Gabriel Stromberg, to create brand guidelines including a set of colors, logo specifications, fonts, and graphic design. Simultaneously, the UACC board will proceed with a community‐wide rollout of this new identity.

The Uptown is located neighborhood along the edge of the Seattle Center, and is home to more than 45 arts and cultural organizations as well as the Cornish Playhouse at the Seattle Center. UACC brings the arts to all people through advocacy, relationship building and research. organizations.

Photo: courtesy of UACC, and Seattle Sims.

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