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2024 Film & Media BFA Showcase: Meet the Artists

Cornish College of the Arts is proud to present the Film & Media Department’s 2024 BFA showcase, featuring the work graduating Film & Animation students. This showcase highlights the immense talent and creativity of our graduating seniors. Join us as we celebrate the culmination of years of dedication and passion from our emerging artists and creatives.

Friday, April 26, 2024: 7 – 9pm
Saturday, April 27, 2024: 7 – 9pm
Sunday, April 28, 2024: 2 – 4pm – screening includes Open Captions


Fluster Cluck (dir. Gideon Buchleiter)
A young couple facing fertility issues must grapple with what truly makes them special and weigh their importance to one another when one of them suddenly starts laying chicken eggs.

Sweetfish Island (dir. Hieu Dinh)
Sweetfish Island is an interactive gaming experience that aims to promote themes of growth, compassion and community.

Holy Smokes (dir. Charlie Embre)
Chronic daydreamer Bootstrap & his secretive best friend Graham have their final due tomorrow. Neither of them have started.

Boyslut (dir. Gabriel Gutierrez Morales)
A boy slut confronts the complexities of his identity through an intimate encounter with an older man.

my big gay end of the world party (dir. Rez Redacted)
PJ and Jasper confront the end of the world: being gay.

Coming of Age (dir. Bacchus Pseudanor)
Coming of Age, which tells the story of Teddy Sitz after their 20th birthday. Teddy is a man-eating hulijing, it doesn’t usually interfere with their college education until they start binge eating fellow college students and eat their classmates.

Jane (dir. Rock Setabhrahmana)
Jane got kidnapped and she has to become a hitman for that person, in which her last mission is to let her escape from this horror is to kill her dad.

Azul (dir. Luz Tovar Mendoza)
When Lola refuses to let her daughter Sol go to her best friend’s party, Sol makes an unintentional wish that changes everything.

Fear of Water (dir. Carrie Wang)
With a focus on unique worldbuilding and 2D concept art, Fear of Water is a short animation that follows a group of survivors in a zombie apocalypse.

Meet the Artists

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