Admitted Students Welcome

San Francisco Art Institute Students,

Cornish College of the Arts is saddened to learn that SFAI with a rich history of contribution to the art community is scheduled for closure.  As a fellow AICAD (Association of Independent Colleges of Art and Design) institution, we stand ready to help new and continuing SFAI students to pursue their passion, and we welcome you to our creative community of artist-citizen-innovators.

The Cornish Enrollment Division has developed a streamlined application process for all interested SFAI students. Use the tabs below to learn how to join the Cornish Community.

Join the Cornish Community

Transfer to Cornish

We have organized a special track for SFAI students to minimize the challenges that can come with the transfer process late in an academic program.

All SFAI students who apply to transfer to Cornish will be guaranteed…

  • A Streamlined Application Process – Cornish will waive the Letter of Recommendation, Essay Requirement, and Application Fee. 
  • Residency Flexibility.
  • Special Advising & Financial Aid Counseling
  • Graduation Recognition 
  • Living Space 

Use the form below to connect with Albert Rubio.

First Year Students

Like the SFAI, the Cornish College visual arts academic programs focus on a range of mediums (drawing, painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture and digital media).

Recognizing the rigorous admission policies of SFAI, Cornish will provide:

  • Automatic Admission. (*Students admitted to SFAI under an alternate admission policy such as “probation” will be examined on a case by case basis
  • Living Space.
  • Financial Aid Counseling.  

Your contact is Albert Rubio. Albert has deep experience in Arts education and he is familiar with SFAI.  Albert will guide you through this process wherever you may need help. 

Use the form below to connect with Albert.

First Year International Students

Cornish will support the following:

  • Automatic Admission 
  • Immigration Status
  • Living Space 

Your contact person is David Lofthouse. David is familiar with the International student enrollment process and will do all he can to provide you with the best advice. 

Use the form below to connect with David. 

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