Neil Welch saxophone instructor

Instructor, Saxophone

Neil Welch



Saxophonist Neil Welch is a Seattle-based acoustic and electronic artist. His sonic formations are firmly linked to the natural world, drawing artistic guidance from the abundant wildernesses of the Pacific Northwest. Neil’s recorded works span avant-garde jazz, modern composition, Soundpainting, solo acoustic saxophone, electronic sound processing, as well as indie rock, and other current musical forms. He is a specialist in the practice of multiphonic acoustic chord playing, mouthpiece-removed wind sounds, and microtonal melody. Neil embraces the power of community collaboration in the arts, regularly explores varied ensemble instrumentations and multidisciplinary work, and welcomes the emotive vulnerability of solo performance. With 6 albums to date documenting soprano to bass saxophones, Neil’s playing unabashedly embraces a vastness of sonic possibilities. All About Jazz calls his work "stunning and extraordinary” and Downbeat Magazine calls Neil "an impassioned player."


BM, Jazz Studies.
University of Washington