Referred to as the “The Boren + Lenora Project” around Cornish, the Ivey On Boren building provides Cornish a much-needed, public-facing, performance and gallery space for the College and our community. Cornish facilities make-up the ground floor of this 44-story mixed-use tower, developed by Holland Partner Group and designed by Weber Thompson.

The space includes a 177-seat auditorium equipped with a true multi-purpose use Constellation sound system from Meyer Sound; a digital cinema projector; and a built-in streaming capacity that will allow live performances to be viewed globally. Adjacent to the auditorium is a street-level art gallery. The gallery provides students and faculty a much-needed exhibition space while also providing a venue for independent local exhibitions. Along Lenora Street the project enhances the green street with a rotating art installation, transforming the walkway into an activated colonnade and recognizable campus entry point.

Constellation provides a digital approach to controlling reverberation time, early reflections, as well as sonic clarity, warmth, and resonance of space, integrated high-quality loudspeakers, microphones, digital processing. Meyer Sound customizes each system to serve the unique needs of a venue.

Click Through Renderings of the Exterior and Interior. Find images of the gallery and auditorium space, and the building’s exteriors, including the entrance and art wall.

 Introducing The Ivey on Boren, An Urban Respite

The Ivey celebrates a dynamic and thriving cityscape, reflecting Seattle’s growth and honoring its myriad components by providing downtown living, well-located commercial office space, and community-facing space for arts and education.

The environment created at The Ivey celebrates the fluidity and rhythm found in nature and art. This characteristic is further enforced through the project’s name, The Ivey, inspired by Seattle artist and former Cornish student, William Ivey.

William was an abstract expressionist painter who found inspiration in observation of the real world and created lush, colorful pieces of art. Mirroring William’s devotion to his craft, Holland Partner Group is dedicated to creating an urban oasis for rest and rejuvenation at The Ivey

The Ivey on Boren is thrilled to collaborate with Cornish College of the Arts, promoting the pursuit of education and the arts while providing the ideal environment for wellness-focused urban living.

Follow along on The Ivey’s journey towards completion and learn more about this exciting project.

This Introduction Provided by the Holland Group

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