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Courses for Pre-College

Check back this fall for our Summer 2018 programs.

Summer at Cornish Pre-College offers a variety of one to four-week opportunities in visual, performing and communication arts for students 14-18. The Pre-College Programs provides an intense education for students who want to acquire and improve technique at a rapid pace. Our experienced faculty nurtures the whole student in a healthy, encouraging environment while working with them to understand and become prepared for the level of expectations at an arts college. Simultaneously, faculty guide students to think creatively and work collaboratively, so class sizes are limited and faculty instruction is typically supplemented with additional support provided by undergraduate students from Cornish College of the Arts. Students attending the Pre-College Programs will create audition and portfolio pieces that will help get an early start in preparing for college auditions, interviews and materials needed for the college application process.

Students interested in the Pre-College Course Package for Art & Design will also be able to choose two afternoon elective courses, which rotate Monday/Wednesday and Tuesday/Thursday. Elective courses include topics such as photography, printmaking, object design, sculpture, painting, graphic design and life drawing. Students can choose to delve deeper into an area of interest, explore something new, or both! For more information, visit the Art & Design Summer at Cornish page.