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Songwriting and Recording


July 23 –August 4
M, T, W, Th, F
9:00pm – 4:00pm


Kerry Hall, 710 East Roy St, Seattle, WA


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Photo by: Winifred Westergard


How do top artists develop their sound and write hit songs? Today it happens when the best engineers, singers and songwriters come together to form exclusive writing camps. In this two week course, work with industry professionals to develop your songwriting, performance and production skills in a real world format. The workshop culminates with a screening by participants for supportive family and friends on Saturday, August 4th, in PONCHO Concert Hall on the Cornish campus.

Who Should Enroll

Students, ages 14 and up, at an intermediate-level skill on guitar, piano or another chordal instrument; a basic comfort level in vocalizing ideas and singing within a small group context; and familiarity with the basics of music theory (for example, scales, chords, and basic definitions). Interested students who fall outside these guidelines may contact the instructor for permission to be admitted.

Audition Requirements

Open for enrollment to students ages 14+ without any audition.

Requirements & Availability