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Music Literacy


July 9 –August 3, Online


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An online course that provides an introduction to basic music theory including correct use of standard notation (meters, major and minor key signatures, stems, flags, clefs, form notation, etc.); rhythmic concepts; key signatures; chromatic, major, and minor scale modes; intervals; triads and seventh chords; transposition; melody harmonization and cadences. The online course includes an introduction to ear-training and sight-singing, piano fundamentals, and foundational rhythmic concepts. Students must have access to a computer with speakers.

Course Objectives

At the conclusion of this course, students will have successfully completed the following modules:

  1. Basic note-reading in treble/bass clef
  2. Basic rhythm and counting concepts
  3. Finding notes on the keyboard
  4. Interval ID and recognition
  5. Basic notation and musical handwriting

Who Should Enroll

Students, ages 12+ with an interest in advancing their music theory competency and who can complete an online course.

Requirements & Availability