Graphic Design


July 8 –August 2
T, Th
1:00pm – 4:00pm


Main Campus Center
1000 Lenora St., Seattle, WA


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Photo by: Winifred Westergard


A hands-on course for students with a limited background in graphic design. The course will introduce students to graphic design via identity and packaging design.

Students will work on a packaging series. They will gather research, work on product logotypes and get hands-on instruction in Adobe Illustrator. Each student will set up his or her products to be photographed.

Skills taught: develop research and analytical skills. Design logotype and or icon. Learn how to construct labels in Adobe Illustrator with in-class demos.

Outcome: Understand and gain knowledge of graphic design principles including hierarchy, effective layout, and composition.

Requirements & Availability

  • Ages
    14 - 18
  • Scholarships
    Not Available