Summer at Cornish Check-in

Welcome to Summer at Cornish! We are so pleased you have decided to join us. Our summer program has been voted “Best Summer Camp for Teens” by Seattle Magazine, and this summer we have updated many of our programs based on your feedback. Explore the links here to find details and more information about Summer at Cornish.

What to Expect

You received a registration receipt via email, just after registering for your course. Your registration receipt shows the course(s) you are taking and the days and times the course(s) meet.

Please expect to arrive at Cornish 15 to 20 minutes early on the day your course begins. Upon arrival, follow the signs to one of our check-in tables. Our staff will assist you with getting to your class(es). We will give you a course schedule and your Cornish ID at that time.

Cornish ID

As a Summer at Cornish participant, you will be issued a student ID card that identifies you and gives you access to Cornish campus buildings. You will be required to carry this ID at all times.

At your earliest convenience, please email us a recent digital photo (jpg) yourself (or of the participating student if you are parent registering for your child). The participant photo will help us expedite the ID process, so we can have your card ready when you arrive. ID cards will be handed out at two central check-in points on the day you arrive. For those students who have not sent a photo ahead of time, we’ll snap a quick photo and print IDs on the spot. Again, please allow at least 15 to 20 additional minutes to get your ID card on the first day, if you are unable to send a photo ahead of time.

Your Daily Schedule

All Summer at Cornish classes meet between 9 AM and 4 PM and/or 6PM, Monday through Friday, with time for a lunch break. Times vary by discipline and course. You will receive your finalized class schedule with room and faculty assignments at first day check-in. 

Food Options

The Cornish Café

For students attending classes at Main Campus Center, Nellie's Café  is located on the 2nd floor and is operated by Bon Appétit. Bon Appétit provides delicious, healthy food prepared from scratch using many organic and locally sourced ingredients. The average daily meal budget is between $10.00 and $15.00.

Summer at Cornish students can use cash or a credit card to make purchases at the Café.

Dining Near the Main Campus Center

There are many cafes, restaurants, and stores within a few blocks of the Main Campus. The closest options (including Starbucks, Tutta Bella Pizzeria, and Whole Foods Market) are located just across Terry Street in the 2200 Westlake Shopping Center.

Dining Near Kerry Hall

Kerry Hall does not operate a cafe but does offer vending machines with a variety of snacks, as well as refrigerators to store lunches. There are also many cafes, restaurants and grocery stores just two blocks from Kerry on Broadway.

Dining Near the Cornish Playhouse

The Cornish Playhouse located in Seattle Center does not operate a cafe and it does not have vending machines, however, the Seattle Center Armory is a five minute walk and has multiple offerings of Northwest fresh local foods and beverages. Visit the options

Class Locations

Please remember to check for the campus location of your class. Please visit our campus map for directions.