Parent/Co-Biller Account Access

Security and privacy rules give the student exclusive control as to who can access the online Student Account. Only the student may grant access to a parent/co-biller. After access is granted, the parent/co-biller will use the Cornish Parent/Co-biller Logon Page to access the student account information.

Anyone with access to the student account can do the following:

  • Make payments on your student account (e-check or credit card)
  • Create and manage installment and auto payment plans
  • Look up balances
  • Print old bills
  • Manage meal plan funds

Why is parent/co-biller access important?

The only method Cornish uses to bill student accounts is E-Bill. In order to receive E-Bill notifications, parents/co-billers must have access to the Cornish Parent/Co-bill Login Page, as noted above. 

Access to the student account is permission-based. The student controls who has permission to access the information. Parents without granted access are locked out of information.

  • Parents/co-billers cannot participate in payment plans or online payments or account review unless they authorized.
  • Parents/co-billers cannot request tax documentation 1098-T without authorization.
  • Parents/co-billers cannot contact Student Accounts to receive any account information without authorization.

How to grant access to a parent or co-biller

To grant a parent or co-biller access, please do the following:

  • Go to Compass…
  • Click on Student Accounts.
  • Log into My Online Account.
  • Choose “Parent PIN” on the left side of the page.
  • Enter the parent/co-biller’s name and email address.

A temporary password will be sent to the  parent/co-biller’s email address. (Please note: If the email does not arrive, be sure to check email Junk folders to make sure the message hasn’t been tagged as spam.).

The  parent/co-biller can use the temporary password to set up a custom password and security questions. Once access has been granted, your parents or co-billers may access the Cornish Parent/Co-biller Logon Page.