Federal and Private Loans

2018 - 19 Federal Student Stafford Loan and Parent Plus Loan: You can apply online for a Student Stafford loan or a Parent PLUS loan using your FSA ID as e-signature. Complete your electronic Master Promissory Notes. PLUS loan borrowers: DO NOT select Apply for a PLUS Loan. DO select Complete a PLUS Master Promissory Note

2018 - 19 Private Educational Loans: A student needing additional funding may apply for a private educational loan with any lender participating in the Private Educational Loan Program. Private loan interest rates vary by lender and loan product.

The student can access a national lender comparison list at ELMSelect or perform independent research. Technical difficulty or paper application requests can be addressed by contacting the selected lender.

How to Accept Your Loan

Complete the Acceptance of Loan(s) form below to accept, decline or decrease your loan and receive proceeds in your tuition account at disbursement time.