adam torres

Admissions Counselor
(Music/ Dance)

Adam Tomás Torres



Adam Tomás Torres is a Seattle-based composer, performer, and movement artist whose work strives to communicate interconnectedness. Incorporating his fascination with harmony, indeterminacy, syncopation, and physical gesture, his work often defies the constraints of specialization. Implementing an interdisciplinary approach to both creation and curation, Torres embraces a collaborative practice and is uniquely suited for such work given his array of creative backgrounds in composition, instrumental performance, and dance. Compositionally, Torres works primarily with small chamber ensembles but has a background in composing for electronics, theater, film, and dance. In terms of musical performance, he is a proficient pianist with a primary focus on the romantic era, contemporary, and Latin-American genres. His movement practice includes rhythm tap dancing and improvisation which traditionally focuses on cramp-based steps and texture, but is adapting as he incorporates live gestural electronics.


Cornish College of the Arts