Cornish is closely following the guidelines of local and federal health authorities to help minimize the risk of disease contagion on our campuses. We will continue to monitor changing recommendations and to adjust our actions as necessary to remain in compliance. You can expect there to be changes in all areas of our buildings–including Cornish Commons and our dining facilities–aimed at providing a safe environment for our students, faculty, and staff. The FAQ section below provides information about what those changes will look like and how they will affect you in your life at Cornish.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of food service will be available if I live on campus? What kind of changes to on-campus meal plans and access to dining can we expect?

The Cornish Cafe will have limited seating options, but will continue to provide a range of menu options for our students and employees. We are increasing the number of Grab-and-Go options, and will have a pre-ordering app for students to place their orders ahead of time so that they do not have to stand in line. Students who must self-isolate in the Cornish Commons will have the option to have food delivered to their door from the Cornish Cafe.

Can I prepare food in my room in the Cornish Commons?

Cornish has added a microwave and mini-refrigerator to every room in the Cornish Commons. Selected rooms have an in-room kitchen for an additional charge.

Will quarantine dorm rooms be made available if needed?

We will have designated quarantine spaces available throughout the year. The process for moving students or assigning these spaces will be determined on a case by case basis.

How will dorm living adjust in the fall?

This will happen on many levels. There will be many small and some larger adjustments as we navigate new information. Please see the following entries for specific details.

What are the changes to common areas and shared spaces in the Cornish Commons?

Many of our shared spaces will either be restricted or will have limited use. We’ll continue to evaluate the safe use of those spaces as guidelines loosen.

What is my responsibility to help maintain a safe and healthy community as a resident at Cornish Commons?

We’ll ask students to plan to bring items such as face coverings, thermometers, and any OTC medications they and their family might feel would serve them in case of illness. We also ask that students and parents create clear plans around identifying medical care and reviewing items like how to use insurance. Additionally, we always encourage family/support communication, but this year it will be especially important to establish reasonable and more frequent check ins with those who will be concerned with their students.

Will I be able to have guests and visitors in the Cornish Commons?

One of the biggest changes for on campus living is that at this time we will not be allowing guest check-ins at Cornish Commons. This is in place to maintain the safety of our small community and protect the home space of our residents and staff.

What if I am traveling from out of state and need to self-isolate at the start of classes?

At this time, the state of Washington is not requiring state to state quarantining. If you have a specific concern you’d like to discuss before your arrival to Cornish Commons, email us  (Cornish Commons) so we can discuss you and your family’s concerns.

We look forward to getting everyone here safely!

When can students move into dorms?

New students move in days are August 22 and August 23. Assigned move in appointments were issued to your email on July 9.

Returning students will move in throughout the week of August 24 based the appointments they’ve signed up for through their move in email received on July 9.

If you have not received a link to register for an appointment or have not received a designated move in time, please email us.

Do students need to be on campus for the two weeks after Thanksgiving?

Cornish is not requiring students to be on campus for the last two weeks of the semester (weeks 14 and 15), and all course meetings during these two weeks will be fully online. If you choose to travel away from campus over Thanksgiving and not return until the Spring semester, make sure that you have reviewed all of your course syllabi for any outstanding requirements you will need to complete from a distance. The same safety measures taking place during the in-person sessions will also be practiced campus-wide after Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Can students stay on campus after thanksgiving break and during the holiday break?

Students will be able to stay in Cornish Commons during the virtual portion of their semester, unless there is new guidance from the health authorities. At the end of the semester, current students will be able to contract for additional time at Cornish Commons, however, those costs are always separate from their academic year contract and will most likely have several restrictions in place. If you live on campus during this time, you may also access the Cafe during these two weeks. If you need to stay in the Cornish Commons over the winter break, email Cornish Commons to discuss your options.

Can I leave my belongings in my room during the winter break?

Student belongings can always remain in their rooms for winter break at no additional charge. We are not requiring any student to leave at Thanksgiving break, however it is highly encouraged that if they choose to travel for Thanksgiving that they plan to stay there for the duration of their winter break as to reduce exposure both for the individual and community.

If you are graduating in December 2020 and wish to move out before Thanksgiving, contact Cornish Commons to schedule your move.