Access to the College’s labs, studios, rehearsal rooms, and other creative spaces is an essential element of our students’ educational experience. We remain dedicated to facilitating that access during the fall semester, and to doing so safely. In accordance with the recommendations of local and federal health authorities, Cornish is making some changes to the ways in which our creative spaces are accessed and utilized. Physical distancing requirements will be in effect, gatherings will be capped at a certain number of participants, and personal protective equipment will be required. We will continue to update the community as our policies change in reflection of evolving state and federal guidelines. See the detailed FAQ below for more specific information.

Don’t see the answer to your question? Contact the Creative Spaces and Event Services team for more information about access.


Frequently Asked Questions


Studio spaces, labs and shops will be open to students on a sign-up basis. Standards of use (hygiene, cleaning, and sanitizing) will be in place. We are working to establish the guidelines and procedures for each of the unique spaces on campus, and to bring in additional sanitization and custodial services. 

  • Access to spaces will continue after Thanksgiving (facilities will be available until the last day of classes in December) by reservation in order to maintain health and safety standards.
  • Students who are using the spaces outside of scheduled class times may be required to reserve the space in advance. 
  • Students may also experience wait times if we must limit the number of people in the room at any given time.
  • To reduce the number of people on campus, the College is structuring a low-density return plan and identifying a set of classes to be delivered online. Updates will be provided in the near-future. 
  • Labs and other creative spaces: Space-by-space basis for each, informed by Lab staff regarding procedure and usage practices, as well as their responsibilities while using labs and creative spaces. 
  • Performance and rehearsal spaces: Details regarding space usage are currently in discussion and will be announced soon. 
  • Studios: studio spaces will be open, but require a cautious approach to sign up and use. Details regarding studio usage are currently in discussion and will be announced soon.

Will students have access to student lounge areas on campus?

With the exception of Housing, where other considerations may be applied, all common areas on campus will be accessible with social distance guidelines in effect.

I do not own a personal laptop - how will I complete my online classes?

Cornish wants to help all students purchase their own personal laptop, so that you can keep working whenever inspiration strikes you! Your Financial Aid Counselor can help you identify options to finance the purchase of a laptop that you can use throughout the rest of your degree.

In the short term, Cornish operates a limited Laptop Loan program for students who need immediate access to a laptop and have not yet worked out a plan to purchase their own. Contact the Cornish IT Helpdesk to find availability of loaned laptops.

Will studios and other creative spaces be accessible after the Thanksgiving break?

Cornish labs and studios will be available by reservation for students and faculty during the post-Thanksgiving period. Classes will continue to meet as planned in an online format.

Can students checkout equipment over the break?

CSES is working with faculty and staff to determine the needs of students. However, the equipment library is preparing to work with students based on their project needs. Equipment checkouts will be available over the holiday breaks, and depending on COVID-19 requirements may include updated pick off and drop off policies.

If I'm enrolled in a class that uses chemicals or a process which requires a respirator, will one be provided?

If you have a class or partake in an art making process that requires a respirator, you will need to purchase a respirator prior to arriving. The labs and Equipment Library will not be lending out respirators.  There is currently a shortage and back orders on respirators, so you may want to seek one out promptly (however, your faculty understand the situation and will plan assignments and due dates accordingly).

We recommend a 3M 6500 mask and the 6001 respirator cartridge for most curricular uses.

 Additionally, use of the MCC Spray Room will be scheduled via a Google Calendar appointment.

Will I be able to access a shop or lab to work on an interdisciplinary project?

All shops, labs, equipment library, rehearsal rooms, and venues are open to all students of all departments in support of interdisciplinary study. For example if a Dance student needs a digital camera to photograph their work, they have the same access to check one out as an Art student whose path is photography. However, we are implementing a process to ensure our community’s compliance with COVID guidelines, and help Cornish provide equal access for our community. Below are details about this process:

  • Outside scheduled class time, all faculty, staff, and students will be required to schedule use through Google Calendar appointments.
  • Each space will have its own calendar with appointments to select from.
  • Cornish is setting up a Canvas page with the calendars and a “how to use” instructional guide. If you’re interested in accessing spaces or equipment, you will need to visit this page and opt into the calendar in order to make an appointment.
    This will allow us to ensure we are in compliance with COVID guidelines, and help us provide as much equal access as possible.