Cornish faculty and staff are working hard this summer to develop and implement curricular enhancements that will enable the College to continue providing high quality in-person instruction, while also adhering to important safety protocols. More details about the fall schedule and courses offered will be released soon. Please see the detailed FAQ below for key information.

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More Frequently Asked Questions

What is in-person learning going to look like?

Classes will be offered via a combination of fully online, hybrid (a combination of online and in person instruction), and on-campus courses with web enhancements. 

  • In-person instruction will utilize a small tutorial and mentorship model in order to adhere to health and safety guidelines. 
  • Cornish has traditionally offered small class sizes, particularly within in-major curriculum, and will scale class sizes per local, state and federal guidelines. 
  • Departments will be sharing videos soon which will provide students with exciting information about their majors and some of the exciting things happening in fall courses.

Will we be absolutely going to online part way through the semester, or could it change depending on the climate?

Based on data and recommendations from Washington State and the CDC, Cornish is committed to finishing the semester online to keep the spread of COVID-19 contained following Thanksgiving travel.

When will classes start this Fall?

Cornish College of the Arts classes will begin on Monday, August 31, 2020 (one week earlier than previously planned). Cornish is committed to providing students with access to labs and studios to continue on their degree pathways and make their art. We are developing innovative and creative solutions to offer courses in accordance with health and safety as first priority. The College has structured our reopening in accordance with state and local guidelines.

What if I need to change my class schedule after classes start?

Students are advised to contact their Academic Advisor to discuss a schedule change. Advisors are available to assist students by remote appointment using the online scheduler >

  • Thuy-Van, Academic Advisor for students in Art, Film and Music programs.
  • Yanmei Shi, Academic Advisor for students in Design and Interior Architecture programs.
  • Christine Texeira, Academic Advisor for students in Dance, Performance Production and Theater programs.

What will performances look like this Fall?

There is a Performance Framework Task Force meeting regularly to develop plans for all fall 2020 performances. This Task Force is being led by Geeg Martel, Chair of Performance Production, and William Seigh, Vice President of Academic Affairs and Provost. Major performances are going forward with modifications and all student performances are under review as we seek to provide students with opportunities to perform throughout the fall.

How will virtual classes truly equip students for careers in performance arts?

Performing arts venues all over the world have had to re-think the way that their audiences interact and experience art through virtual experiences. Traditional ways of gathering and watching performance are challenged in a pandemic environment. Cornish is dedicated to equipping our students and faculty with the flexibility and artistic freedom to explore new ways of delivering performance, which will help us be ready to share our art no matter the circumstances.

What is appropriate online behavior in a virtual classroom?

This information will be shared with students at the start of fall semester via syllabi, classroom discussion and online training sessions.

What is online harassment? What should I do if I observe or experience online harassment?

The most common form of online harassment is hateful speech, which attacks or criticizes a person based on their identity (such as their race, ethnicity, gender identity, religion, sexual orientation, or disability).  This is commonly seen in academic discussion when someone feels that they want to “win” an argument or discredit a differing opinion.  Online harassment can also take the form of threats, which are intended to intimidate another person.

Other forms of online harassment include sharing personal details about another person without their consent; cyberstalking (intending to harass, harm, intimidate or place under surveillance another person); cyber-mobs (gathering groups of people to shame, embarrass, harass, or intimidate a person); or cyber-bullying (threatening, embarrassing, humiliating or shaming a person online).

Cornish has zero tolerance for online harassment, and those who are found to engage in online harassment are subject to conduct sanctions up to and including expulsion from the institution.  Further, victims of online harassment may engage local law enforcement at any time.

If you observe online harassment, or if you feel you are the target of online harassment, contact your Student Success Coach or the Office of Equity and Inclusion to be informed of your rights, resources to assist you, and support in removing you from a potentially harmful situation.  Your confidentiality will be respected; keep in mind that in certain instances Cornish may need to take action to report harassment.  Please see our Student Handbook (note that the Student Handbook is currently being revised for the 20-21 academic year and will be posted soon) and Code of Conduct for full information and resources.

I was planning to study abroad this year, is that still possible?

With many programs under current international travel restrictions, Cornish cannot guarantee that any study abroad experiences will be able to happen this year. We will keep you updated as we get more information.

Have summer classes moved online?

General Education courses being offered during summer 2020 are fully online as previously planned. Those courses begin Monday, June 18th and students are still welcome to register. The Extensions curriculum, beginning July 6th, is also being offered fully online as well.

What resources are available to help me manage my online coursework?

All courses will be using Canvas, the College’s online learning management system. Students will also have access to new classroom technology such as Zoom, Panapto, and GoReact to support their visual and performing arts learning. Faculty, departmental chairs, and the Provost’s Office will also be available to assist students with managing their fall coursework.

All students will be receiving communication over the summer from the Provost’s Office and departmental chairs providing them with information about their fall coursework, performance schedules, exhibitions, and other pertinent information.

Before the start of the semester, students will receive guidance regarding additional time needed to complete assignments due to personal circumstances. All students can always reach out to their faculty, Student Success Coaches, and Departmental Chairs for academic support and personalized support. 


Student Success Coaches

What if I am experiencing symptoms and I can’t keep up with my coursework?

Cornish is committed to ensuring a high level of flexibility this semester to help all students stay on track for their degree completion. If you must self-isolate, email all of your professors and let them know right away. The sooner you let us know, the sooner we can work together on a solution.

We want to maximize the time you have on campus to create your art and collaborate with others, but sometimes you may not be able to attend – especially if you are experiencing symptoms. Our classes will build in flexible options, have online components, or be completely online. 

If you are concerned about a chronic medical condition that may affect your attendance, contact your Student Success Coach to discuss accommodations to help complete your coursework.