Please browse the FAQs below for more information about what learning will look like in Performance Production this fall.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are we still doing shows?

Yes, however the design, rehearsal and “tech” process leading up to the performances will be different than what we usually were able to do when we met face to face all the time. PP and Theater faculty, staff and students are working together on plans for rehearsal, design, and performance of the 4 shows we are doing together: Macbeth, You On the Moors Now, The Rocky Horror Show, and Stupid F***ing Bird. Pending rights confirmation, we aim to share performances widely from online platforms.

What about my practicum assignment as a light board operator? What will I be doing on the shows if we aren’t in the theater?

Great question, the Department is still working out the various tasks needed to support production in ways that are new to us! There is still the need for lighting help, sound help, props help, costume help, stage management, etc. We may not be building shows in shops or installing built items into theaters, but there is still collaboration.

When will we know exactly what we are doing on the shows?

Over the summer, Theater and PP faculty, staff, and the show’s directors will continue working on this. What we have all realized is that this opportunity is a chance for us to experience something new and to embrace the possibilities! Each time we start working on a show, we step into the unknown. No one ever knows exactly what will happen. And that is OK and we communicate and progress as a unified team. The same is true for these Fall shows.

This sounds pretty different from what we have done in the past, how are we supposed to advance in our learning without building shows?

I hear you, totally! We face a challenge at this time that Theater artists across America are facing as well. Many companies are closed or closing, not producing currently or some have even cancelled their 2020 – 2021 seasons. At Cornish, we are taking this opportunity to embrace the challenge and work with each other to figure out how to rehearse, design and collaborate in storytelling. As you already know, 2020 is an unprecedented year. By continuing to produce these shows, we will for certain advance your learning, maybe in ways you never imagined. I know you will energetically succeed!

What about the Scene Painting class? What is happening with it?

As with all classes, the College will share information about how classes will meet that are based on the State and County health guidelines. As of now, June 22, 2020, we are in Phase 2 in King County. Please check here for what that means. We will strictly adhere to guidelines for numbers of students gathering together in order to keep you safe. Scene Painting is the only PP class that cannot run if we remain in a Phase of reopening that mandates all online classes.

What about classes? Will we be using Google hangouts again?

Great question, the College has added Zoom, and we will also be using 2 other instructional technology tool “add ons” for Canvas, Panopto and GoReact which will be used for classes, rehearsals, and other events. They are great tools for arts education. We will go over everything with you soon.

What will the Fall be like in general in Performance Production?

For the Fall of 2020, the Performance Production department will continue to offer foundational and upper-division courses for our majors, many of which are also open to non-majors. All faculty are preparing to offer their courses via in-person, hybrid, and or fully online curricula as the State of WA Phased reopening allows. Practicum assignments continue on four productions, with student centered collaboration with Theater. We are currently engaged in exciting conversations about innovative ways to produce and share performance.