Please browse the FAQs below for more information about what learning will look like in Interior Architecture this spring.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 2020-21 theme for Interior Architecture and the Experience Studio?

The Interior Architecture Department and the Experience Studio activities adapt progressively to society’s needs within the built environment. This year’s curricula theme will focus on direct design methods on the following:  spaces for transition and reflection, transitory spaces that compel us to move, and transformation spaces for us to adapt to new ways of life, language, and living.

The Experience Studio this year is going regional and global on topics of  public health to racial justice and in doing so, will be working with other Interior Architecture and Architecture students, municipal leaders, and designers.  During the first two weeks of your semester, you will have a variety of workshops and seminars in your course work for regional and global project introductions. Due to the departmental population, many of these lectures and exchanges will be online only, with several small group meetings in-person.

How will courses meet?

The majority of your courses will be a hybrid of instructional methods, such as lectures and technique demos in person or online. You will participate with your instructors in person or online for 1-1s desk critiques. The majority of your assets for projects will be outside of the course time, allowing time for Lectures, Demos, Exercises Q&As, and feedback. Only a few of your courses will be entirely online, primarily your H&S and History courses. Only a few Departmental courses will be dedicated to in-person, and you will have rotational meeting times with your instructors. In-person classes will be limited to only a few students at one time with an instructor, while others will participate remotely.  

How will the Experience Studio Lectures and Critiques Work?

Several Courses will have rotational lectures and critiques, with a limitation of only a few students at one time in the IA studios. Those students not within these events will continue to be observed online via remotely or instructed to work on their project assets privately. Your instructors will coordinate all activities to ensure safety at all times, and you will be required to sign-up accordingly and observe the event schedule within your course syllabus. 

Will the IA studios open outside of class time?

Yes, along with all other Studio Labs, will be available as a resource during regular campus hours and safety policy to ensure the number of persons and social distancing at all times. During your course work, you will be asked to collaborate in teams, and these assignments or exercises will be fully online.

What is the availability of instructors?

The dedicated Interior Architecture instructors are motivated to your course success, performance, and career objectives and portfolios. Your department chair and instructors are available at all times to answer your questions.