The aim of the Prep Dance Outreach Program is to ensure the education and joy of dance to the greater Seattle community. We believe everyone deserves to experience movement and understand how it can enrich life.

Classes are offered in creative dance, ballet, modern, jazz, hip hop and choreography. If your school or organization is interested in partnering with our outreach program please email us at or call us at 206.726.5034

Current programs

Boys and Girls Club

Our outreach program at at the Smilow Clubhouse with the Rainier Vista Boys and Girls Club is in its fifth year. The program has created mentorships between Prep Dance and Boys and Girls club students through student taught movement and Sisterhood group topic discussions. Under the guidance of a Prep Dance instructor Prep Dance students obtain valuable skills including teaching dance, and mentoring these students through discussion of topics that are vital to each student’s growth. This program instills a sense of service and empathy for all students involved.

If you would like to read a summary of this program please click on this link


For the last five years at Childhaven our instructors have implemented movement classes for young survivors of abuse and neglect. These children, ages 3 to 5 years old, have gained a better sense of social responsibility and physical awareness through movement which helps prepare them for kindergarten integration.

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