Jazz 2


September 10 –June 8

M, 6:00pm – 7:30pm
room 300


Kerry Hall, 710 East Roy St, Seattle, WA


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The price of the full year course is $606


  • Ages
    13 - 18
Jazz 2


Jazz class is designed to develop student’s stylistic clarity. Classes include a warm-up which utilizes fundamental exercises from the jazz techniques. Classes are designed to work on the following concepts: Correct alignment of torso, pelvis, knees, ankles; clarity of line; clarity of movement initiation & completion; syncopated footwork with a direct relationship to the music; quick directional shifts; grounded use of plié; precise musicality; rigorous athleticism; upper body strength training; floor-work; improvisation; performing style with emphasis on individual personality. All classes are accompanied by recorded music to give students the full range of musical experiences from the 1920's to current popular music.

Dress Requirements

Female; Ballet class leotard or black leotard: Bloch® CL-5405, Motionwear® 2100 Black footless tights or black jazz pants, black jazz shoes (canvas sole recommended) Male; black footless tights or black jazz pants, black jazz shoes, white leotard or t-shirt